Student receives book award

Park View High School student Drew F. Adams has received a Jefferson Book Award from the University of Virginia, and is shown accepting the honor from English teacher Camecia Thomas. The Jefferson Book Award was established to recognize outstanding high school juniors or students in the next-to-graduating class who embrace creativity and innovation, and embody the spirit of discovery, much like the University’s founder, Thomas Jefferson. The student is a demonstrated citizen leader who works to improve the community locally or globally. Sponsoring an award at a local school is an important Admissions outreach for UVA Clubs and attracts the attention of talented young students to the opportunities at the University of Virginia. The University is an exciting place where students with a wide range of interests will be challenged and supported in a diverse curriculum. Adams received a copy of the book, "Mr. Jefferson's Telescope: A History of the University of Virginia in 100 Objects," by Brendon Wolfe.