Mecklenburg County Public Schools has continued their new tradition of honoring outstanding staff members during a school year full of uncertainty. The MCPS Facebook page has posted announcements throughout the month of January detailing the work of December’s chosen super staff members.

Congratulations to the following MCPS Super Staff:

Chase City Elementary- Leanne Mull

Leanne Mull of Chase City Elementary teaches both math and science to her third grade classes. A dedicated and compassionate teacher, Mrs. Mull works hard to instill the gift of an education in her young students. As MCPS shared, “she understands Maslow before Bloom’s. Even though she teaches math and science, she loves to read chapter books around in class.” Mrs. Mull provides bright interactions for each of her students, staff and parents.

Clarksville Elementary- Shirley Madison

Mrs. Shirley Madison is known by many of her past students as their favorite teacher; she is also Clarksville Elementary’s super star for December. Madison teaches reading, writing, English, and spelling to all of her fourth grade students. Mrs. Madison is known for her dedication to teaching, as proven by her many years with MCPS. Even though she—like many others this year—is new to virtual learning, Mrs. Madison has dedicated herself to navigating virtual learning so she can provide the best education possible for her students. Mrs. Madison, “works long hours to meet the needs of all her students and their parents. Just like her other teaching colleagues, she is available to take questions and meet virtually or face-to-face to help students understand the Canvas platform.” Clarksville Elementary truly would not be the same without Mrs. Shirley Madison.

LaCrosse Elementary- Ellen Webb

Ellen Webb is LaCrosse Elementary’s Super Staff Member for December! Mrs. Webb serves as the cafeteria manager and master of everything food related at LaCrosse Elementary. Desert isn’t the only sweet thing Mrs. Webb has to share; her personality and smile can always brighten students’ days. Along with her cafeteria team, Mrs. Webb does her best to provide nourishing meals for LaCrosse students. Webb is known for being kind and attentive to students. Additionally, her leadership is clearly illustrated by the efficiency and superb organization within the cafeteria. Mrs. Webb is loved and respected by students, staff, and her team members alike. She is, “a very important part of the school community not only for providing meals, but for building personal relationships with [LaCrosse Elementary’s] students and staff.”

South Hill Elementary- Jo Clary

Jo Clary of South Hill Elementary is certainly deserving of Super Staff Member. Mrs. Clary is South Hill Elementary’s school secretary. As secretary, Clary balances basic secretarial duties along with keeping things at the school running smoothly. She registers all new students at the beginning of the year, is responsible for working with other schools in the case of a transfer students, oversees attendance records, and records sign in and sign out daily. This year, Mrs. Clary has been especially busy working with teachers and families to make sure that students are counted present while learning remotely. This task in particular is time-consuming, but Mrs. Clary handles it without complaint. As MCPS puts it, “She is one of the first faces students, parents, and other visitors see when they enter the building. She is kind and welcoming and ready to assist in any way she can every day.”

Bluestone Middle School- Sherbeth Thompson

Mrs. Sherbeth Thompson is an amazing special education teacher. This year, Mrs. Thompson has worked on teaching sixth and eighth grade language arts in a collaborative setting. She has experience working with students in a large group, one-on-one, and in small group settings. Thompson is an exemplary teacher who dedicates time to building a positive rapport with all of her students. Mrs. Thompson truly goes above and beyond to help her students succeed. This year, Thompson holds regular live time sessions with her virtual students as well as participating in daily live time sessions with her colleagues. Everyone knows that students love Mrs. Thompson and she is a great pick for December’s Super Staff Member!

Bluestone High School- Wayne Talley

Wayne Talley is Bluestone High School’s 2nd year Carpentry teacher. Mr. Talley has come to be known as the man “who can do anything” when given a creative task. As fellow teachers and students at the school know, Talley goes beyond what is expected and provides original woodworking. In classes, Talley shows students how to repair, build, and re-create household items. MCPS shared that, “his vision is to have his students learn a trade, whether it is used within the home or on the job force. The skills he demonstrates allow for his students to become inventive and productive with their hands in the real world.”

Park View Middle School- Beverly Scott

Park View Middle’s Beverly Scott has been honored as the December Super Staff Member. After spending years teaching English, Mrs. Scott has moved on to teaching Career Investigations. In this course, Scott works hard with school counselors to coordinate career planning and engaging lessons for her students. Mrs. Scott has worked endlessly this year to familiarize herself with the equipment she now has to use daily. She has admitted that technology does not come naturally to her, making her hard work stand out even more. Scott truly does not let any obstacle stop her determination to provide the best educational experiences for her students. As many others, Mrs. Scott is always available to students and staff to offer a kind word, good advice, or a listening ear. “Mrs. Scott’s calm demeanor, words of wisdom, love for students and her coworkers, and willingness to help anyone she can helps her forge strong positive relationship throughout the school community.”

Park View High School- Kimberly Richey

Mrs. Kimberly Richey—a veteran English teacher—is Park View High School’s final pick for Super Staff member of 2020. Mrs. Richey teaches English 11, Honors, and Dual Enrollment through SVCC. She is an integral piece for the Innovation Grant, working to develop, design, and produce modules and instructional content for it. She has also helped spearhead the introduction of Advisory Blocks for all students this year. Mrs. Richey is also the subject expert with Canvas and is always willing to help out her fellow colleagues. She is truly a team player whose knowledge and humility make it an honor to work with her.