Bluestone inducts final Hall-of-Fame members; Inductions will take place October 29

Bluestone High School will induct its last Hall of Fame members at the school’s final football game Friday, October 29. Be sure to attend Bluestone’s final game before the two Mecklenburg County schools are consolidated in 2022.

The following will be inducted in the Hall of Fame that Friday:

  • Wilbur Hargrove
  • Ranier Coleman
  • Lane Hite
  • Kendle Eggleston
  • Doug Tombs
  • Antuan Tucker
  • Justin Tuck
  • Jenna DeSantis
  • Don Wade
  • Joel Grey
  • Glenn Card
  • Devante Hutchison
  • Roger Dailey
  • Nyier Wilson
  • Ed Crowder
  • Kevin Seeley

Join Bluestone High School for this historic game!