2022 Mecklenburg County Scholarships

The Board of Directors of the Mecklenburg Scholarship Association is presently publicizing three scholarship opportunities for Mecklenburg County students for the 2022-2023 academic school year. Students are encouraged to apply for the specific scholarship that best fits their eligibility as only one scholarship per applicant will be awarded. The purpose of these scholarships is to help deserving students who are of good character and who are in need of financial assistance for their tuition and mandatory fees to achieve their educational goals at a four-year college/university or medical school.

Mary Roberts Pritchett Scholarship:

This scholarship was created in 1957 and continues to serve Chase City area students after 65 years since its origination. Students with a Chase City address and who have been accepted into or are presently enrolled in a four-year college/university are eligible. Applications are available in the Guidance Office at Bluestone High School or downloaded from the Town of Chase City’s website.

Darlene Antonette Heble Scholarship:

This is the fourth year for this scholarship opportunity and all Mecklenburg County students are eligible if they have been accepted into or are presently enrolled in a four-year college/university. Applications are available in the Guidance Offices at Bluestone and Park View High Schools or can be downloaded from each of the towns’ websites listed below.

Garland Homes Carter and Garland Norfleet Carter Memorial Medical Scholarship:

The Carter Medical Scholarship was established for college students who have been accepted into a medical field of study or are presently working towards a degree in a medical profession in a four-year program of a college/university or enrolled in a medical school. College freshmen must complete all pre-requisite requirements in their school’s curriculum and then apply and be accepted into their desired medical program of study within their school. Documentation of proof that the student has been accepted into a specific program of health care within their college/university is mandatory. As stated in the Carter Memorial Medical Trust Agreement, “students must be actively pursuing undergraduate degrees in health care sciences and technologies, including, but not limited to, a doctor of medicine or a doctor of dental surgery.” Applications for the Carter Medical Scholarship can be downloaded from each of the towns’ websites.

The website addresses for the towns are as follows:

Completed applications must be in the possession of the President of the Mecklenburg Scholarship Association and postmarked no later than Friday, April 15, 2022. Applications received after the deadline date will not be considered for a scholarship award. Applications will be processed in the order they are received. Questions should be emailed to dottie.bratton@gmail.com.