Mecklenburg honors “Super Staff” for October 2020

As Mecklenburg County Public Schools started in September of this year, each school has announced their “Super Staff Member” for the month of October. This celebration of staff members that go above and beyond is a new concept similar to student of the month; it’s a way for Mecklenburg County to celebrate the teachers, cafeteria workers, and janitors that are hard at work making sure that Mecklenburg students have everything they need during the pandemic.

This month, Chase City Elementary is honoring Mrs. Wanda Smith, a hard-working professional that, “is willing to help out wherever needed.” Mrs. Smith provides remediation lessons for students both in-person and virtually this year, making sure that every student has the attention that they need to pass. She meets with her students twice weekly this year to review each skill and concept. Mrs. Smith has, “a positive and caring attitude for students that can be seen throughout [Chase City Elementary].”

Clarksville Elementary Schools’ October Super Staff Member is Brittany Harris. Ms. Harris is a third-through-fifth grade Special Education teacher who, “thinks outside the box and constantly looks for ways to reach all of her students.” She works long hours to make sure her material is fun and engaging for each of her students at Clarksville Elementary. Ms. Harris works with the general education teachers to meet the specific needs of each of her students; she makes sure that accommodations are being met for them. She has implemented the “Battle of the Books” in collaboration with Mrs. Amy Hite to renew students’ love of reading at the school.

Ms. Angela Feggins is La Crosse Elementary’s Super Staff Member this month. She is a longtime teacher for MCPS, having served many years for the division. The past four years, Ms. Feigns has been an important member of the Special Education team at La Crosse Elementary. She works with fourth and fifth graders and goes, “above and beyond when it comes to meeting individual student needs.” She has become an expert at hybrid teaching this year; she holds face-to-face reading instruction while teaching virtually at the same time. “No child is left behind when Ms. Feigns is present!”

South Hill Elementary School commends Mrs. Nicole Deal for October. Mrs. Deal is an exceptional fifth grade teacher at the elementary school. She strives to meet the needs of her students and goes above and beyond to work with both her students and all of the fifth graders at South Hill Elementary. She has filled in for other teachers this year, and works with other MCPS fifth grade teachers on planning and providing for their students. Mrs. Deal, “strives to instill a love of reading in [her students] by introducing them to various forms of literature.”

Mrs. Stephanie Leichty, Bluestone Middle’s eighth grade Civics teacher, has received honors for October Super Staff Member. She is dedicated to the staff and students of the middle school and has worked extremely hard this year in particular to provide for her students. This year, Mrs. Leichty has created a virtual and in-person remediation groups to provide students with on-on-one assistance so they can better understand the civics course. She incorporates real-world learning with instruction by covering the election news. Mrs. Leichty, “is just as dedicated to our schools’ faculty and staff as she is to her students. She has provided her support and guidance to our teachers on navigating Canvas and the tools within it.”

Park View Middle School has chose Ms. Deborah Davis as their October Super Staff Member! Ms. Davis works tirelessly with her students and parents to keep them engaged in remote learning. Although her students aren’t seated in her classroom, her daily schedule is filled with Google Meets with individual students. “Whether it is to check on a child’s emotional wellbeing, or to get them caught up on missing assignments, Ms. Davis maintains a strong connection to her students.”

Mrs. Tanya Jones has been chosen by Bluestone High School as their October Super Staff Member. Mrs. Jones is an eleventh-grade English teacher who wears multiple hats at the high school. She is not only the English Department Chairman, but also the Writing EOC SOL instructor, Reading EOC SOL instructor, Project Graduation Sponsor, Senior Class Sponsor, and the Morale Committee Co-Chairman. She is considered by many at Bluestone High School as the “go-to” teacher for anything academic. She shares her knowledge and practices with her co-workers. Mrs. Jones, “consistently focuses on student engagement and communication to exhibit qualities of an effective teacher.”

Park View High School’s October Super Staff Member is Mrs. Lisa Cottingham, a long-time employee of the school district. Mrs. Cottingham serves a critical role at Park View High as the attendance clerk. She is an all-around hard-worker who is always willing to learn and looking for new ways to grow. During the pandemic, attendance keeping has been very important; Mrs. Cottingham has focused on learning the new systems and staying positive in the face of all these changes. She, “maintains a cheerful disposition and is a real asset to the team!”