All MCPS fully accredited

As a result of last year’s SOL testing results, all Mecklenburg County Public Schools are now fully accredited.

One of the focuses from the Comprehensive Instructional Program (CIP) consortium,the group that met prior to Head’s Up, is narrowing the gap between white and black student test scores.Two divisions in the consortium that are doing well are Charlotte and Mecklenburg Counties.

Mecklenburg scored 68.32% overall. White students were at 76.36% passing and black students were at 59.07% passing, making the difference 19.31%.

Mrs. Hite said that 13 Mecklenburg County teachers, that did a “really great job with this gap”, have been contacted to meet with Matt Hurt and his team about what the did to narrow the gap.

Bluestone High School was one of twelve CIP schools that posted an increase in pass rates from 2019-2022. They were also the high school, in the CIP consortium, that realized the greatest increase in percentile rank.

Clarksville Elementary School has all level one indicators in their School Quality Indicator Dashboard.

There are three different levels of performance. Level one is the highest indicator for schools at or above the standard, level two is near standard, and level three is the lowest indicator prompting schools to “develop a corrective action plan to address areas of need”.

Elementary schools scored level one indicators in most categories with level two room for improvement in areas such as absenteeism and English.

Bluestone and Park View Middle were mostly in the level one indicator with the exception of level two in English, Math, and absenteeism.

Bluestone High School maintained an average of level one indicators. There were struggles in absenteeism, English, and the drop out rate, which all scored a level two. Park View High School received two level three indicators for Math and absenteeism. Natalie Coronas said that the Math rating was due to a level three rating amongst multi-race students and students with disabilities and while the overall scores have improved, the average kept it at a level three.

MCPS schools ranked second in overall pass rate in a district including eight other counties.

“Let me just say that I know that this was a collaborative effort because we did a lot of moving and shaking and changing. I know Mrs. Joan Hite had some flavor in this as well and I don't wan that to go unnoticed. Thank you for what you all did here. This is amazing,” said Chairman Gavin Honeycutt.

“I just want to say that the presentation of the data is after two years of COVID and all the virtual learning that that has done, which is being recognized nationally as some significant damage to academics across the board. I think that our team has done an exceptional job. We knew that scores across the state were going to go down because they had to do so much mediation. We did everything we could to make sure that students were back in school as much as possible with the guidelines that we had been given. I think that made a big difference to get as many students back in as early and as much as possible. We’ll continue to do some remediation this year and we will continue to move forward. That’s the best we can do,” said Superintendent Nichols.