I wrote about the bureaucracy in prior stories but the government bureaucrats seem to have turned their “air-heads” to the wind – nothing registered during this opportune time. No child left behind was not about teaching standards. It was about making education available to all students under the age of 21 (if handicapped, to age 30) It infuriates me that schools have many reasons why they can’t tech and do what they are supposed to do but instead they are doing what the state says they must do based on what the feds told them they had to do. Yet, many schools are doing great in meeting these standards but the students are illiterate in reading above the third grade level and in math above the second grade level. I think we all know about the trickledown theory. I love and respect teachers and most all I have met are genuine, sincere people but feel their hands are tied by the administration and in some cases by their peers. 

When I graduated from Bluestone I felt like I had a good understanding of what was required in educational pursuits. I felt that I was prepared but what options did I have? This is the one area that high school was deficient in.  If I stayed here, I’d be married and have children and working a job with little to no future or personal growth, but I wasn’t ready for either. Yet, in 2020 we still have students graduating from high school that can’t read or do math above an elementary level, at best, but they are not offered any skills training in the schools. Not only that, but because they are so far behind the class, the class is held back so as to not make them feel bad, and not to skew the data. (What a crock. When did it become bad to be smart?) There were no advanced education training programs nearby so I was left with only two options - move and live or stay and die. I absolutely made the right decision. I wonder what the graduating seniors of today are saying. Are they being encouraged to discover options to their areas of interest? Uniquely, are the “slackers” being encouraged to check out options for themselves also?

I guess I have not heard or read so much ignorance as I have over the Commonwealth of Virginia during the last sixteen months. Fortunately the violence has stayed clear of us except for our largest and democratic run cities, Newport News/Virginia Beach and Richmond. (Recently I Googed Virginia Beach looking for a good investment in a condo. Surprised, Google’s response was three realtors with listings, but then two web sites were also in the list: areas unsafe in VA Beach to live and areas not safe after dark. The areas were pretty much all housing on dry land.) Just another reason I feel blessed to live in and be from Chase City. A community where, for the most part, the people know each other, share and care about each other and live in relaxing harmony.  That reminds me of a couple of instances of ignorance in the past.

One was the Governor Wilder exclamation of accepting no federal aid, so most communities have no senior citizens centers or programs that amount to anything nor senior day care. Along those same lines was when Gov. Wilder was going to make Virginia the Civil Rights mecca of the U.S. and he spent five years collecting monies to do so. What happened to the museum, performing arts center, even the market place?

Another one-term democratic governor who is political to line his pockets and expects the gravy bowl to keep on giving. When will Virginia and D. C. residents learn? What happened to the money?  Then there were the new and improved voting machines and on and on. And the consequences were?  I believe the year after he left office was when the Virginia legislature was hit with some moral slaps on the face about their perpetuating racial issues, thus shutting down the state song?

Does anyone take a look at the moral standard we are setting for our children and for OUR nation? I have a hard time believing that there are many folks left that care about anything except tomorrow for themselves. Recent comments have seriously opened some dep seated questions of moral integrity versus narcissistic ratification or simple stupidity. I am referring to the New York Times, “Project 1619” and the former vice-presidential candidate (former Virginia governor and U.S. Senator from Virginia) Tim Kain. (No wonder they lost.)

For any school system or district that reads this - Do Not Use the Project 1619 in your classroom. It is garbage with a capital political G. I downloaded a copy and read it. First, it is not a book but it is a newspaper supplement. The writers were handpicked interns from a foundation fund II, by The Times, hired as stringers and most likely paid really well for their individual stories. They were awarded a Pulitzer at publication by the Pulitzer Committee which is The New York Times. The Times edited, published, printed and sent out copies of the stories per any request. The entire anthology of stories are all about the persecution of blacks in the U.S. from 1619 to 2016 and how they are still being persecuted.

It starts with the story of the first ship containing the first 20 or so bonded blacks from Africa which they (in the magazine) called slaves. There was no mention of their factually being indentured servants, just like many of the whites, and after payment of their indenture they were released, like the whites. (None of their lives were tracked nor their destinies reported. It was also not mentioned that this was a trial and it was several years before any other Africans were brought to the colonies. Then they were brought into Maryland, Philadelphia and Virginia.) The 90 odd pages are stories by different student writers with different views on their personal lives and how they have been impacted by their historic “roots.” If you ae interested in a narrative of hand me down history (in the Africa-American community oral history), then it is an ok Sunday afternoon read, but don’t read it as the gospel (just a little more information).

Then along comes Senator Kain, who hasn’t done much since 2015. But still licking his wounds and trying to reconcile the three Supreme Court losses he and Hillary have recently had to withstand, he steps forward in 2020 and states that “It is all true”. “Actually, Virginia led the colonies and the nation in enslavement.” You see he is an educated politician and he knows (what politically needs to be said). But like most politicians – (less tan) half-truths, but “never no lies.”

To illustrate hw the Project 1619 is ranged so as to persuade folks to rearrange (rewite) history, this is a quote from P, 4 – of the insert:

“The goal of The 1619 Project, a major initiative from The New York Times that this issue of the magazine inaugurates, is to reframe American history by considering what it would mean to regard 1619 as our nation’s birth year. Doing so requires us to place the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of the story we tell ourselves about who we are as a country.”

But there is no reference to the first ship load of over twenty blacks were brought to the New World by the Portuguese to auction them as indentured servants – not slaves. They also don’t reference that several were freed and it is assumed that at least two or three of the first group actually purchased slaves for their personal use. So many people have obsessive compulsive disorders and they continue to pass it down generation to generation. Then we have self-righteous politicians such as Tim Kane (who is supposed to be smart as a candidate for Vice President) giving a speech that Virginia did it – Virginia brought the slaves in and wanted more.

What a bigoted hypocrite. Lots of folks seem to want to rewrite history. You decide.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.