Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste

That now famous quote from former President Obama’s chief-of-staff and, later, mayor of Chicago Rahm Emanuel has proven to be the guiding light of the Democratic Party at both the federal and state level.  We see it everywhere.  Last week, Michigan’s governor accused the criminals involved in a kidnapping plan of being inspired by President Trump.  Overlooking the detail that it was the Trump administration that discovered and stopped the kidnapping.  She simply wanted to lay blame on Trump.  This is only the most recent example.  I previously wrote of their canceling election safeguards using COVID-19 as the excuse.

No one in their right mind would believe that the President would be able to single handedly stop a pandemic.  However, because polls have shown that COVID-19 scares people, they have chosen to pretend a president can defeat nature.  Joe Biden and Kamala Harris repeatedly talk as if they could have stopped the virus.  Yet when asked what they would do, they generally say they would do what Trump has done - “Listen to the scientists”.  Which is what he has done even as they change from one response to another.  “Don’t wear a mask, do wear a mask.”  “We just need to shut everything down for a few weeks, it will all be better in the spring”.

City councils in places dominated by Democrats have intentionally looked the other way when demonstrations turned to rioting.  In turn, they then used that as an excuse to talk about defunding the police, or, as in Virginia, tying the hands of law enforcement.  In Richmond, the mayor used the demonstrations as an excuse for not following the law.  Rather than conforming to the law in his desire to remove statues, he bypassed the law in order to get the credit, not the city council.  Additionally, he had the monuments removed by hiring political contributors who had no experience in that type of work and without getting competitive bids; which is required when spending taxpayer’s money.  The Virginia Speaker of the House did the same.  She had historic artifacts and statues removed from your state capitol in the middle of the night, spending $80,000 with no competing bids.

United States Speaker of the House Pelosi tried to spend $3 trillion dollars supposedly to help those harmed by the virus.  Again, not letting a crisis go to waste, she was going to stuff cash into the pockets of the poorest run cities and states in the country.  Then she blamed the Republicans in the Senate for not coming to terms with her boondoggle.  She was so determined she would bully the United States Senate that she flew back to San Francisco rather than reaching a compromise to help those who have been truly harmed by the pandemic.

Governor Northam is as guilty as others in this way of working to the crisis.  Using the excuse of global climate change, he has mischaracterized the problem of the sinking of the land mass of eastern Virginia.  While sea levels are rising slightly, the greater problem is that underground water is being pumped out of the ground below eastern Virginia and the ground is sinking to fill the void created by that withdrawal.  The Governor’s solution has, therefore, turned to jumping on the “Green New Deal”, forcing Virginians to pay more for electrical power in the years to come and forcing Virginia to join states in the northeast and New England, making us less competitive for business than states to the south.  He also has required Dominion Power to find alternatives to coal and gas.  They will but it will be more expensive to produce power that you need.

Returning to the issue of COVID-19, the Governor is now pushing for legislation that will relieve some from paying those rising electric bills, in turn requiring you to pick up the tab for those who may be far less frugal in how they use power than you.

I repeat, there are some who believe that a crisis is the perfect time to accomplish those goals that are not popular with most.  However, because they are distracted by current events, they don’t realize what freedoms are being lost.

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