One of the best things in my life was knowing that my father got out of the dairy business before I was old enough to understand the demands of daily production. When I was young, it was only done by hand. Twice a day cows had to be milked. That included weekends and holidays. He switched to beef cattle and a job in tow. Still, we always had one milk cow for fresh milk. I enjoyed learning to milk, but I would not want to do multiple cows. That makes me very appreciative of the work of dairy farmers. It is done mechanically now, but still requires never ending work. My thanks to all.

The skills I learned during those years of my youth come to mind very frequently in today’s world - continuously drawing as much “milk” as possible for as long as possible, then political attention.

January 6th

The event that took place at the U.S. Capitol is a perfect example. It was a stupid thing to happen, yet the Speaker of the House is determined to keep milking the issue for political one-upmanship. This was a criminal act. It can and should be left to law enforcement to investigate. Charges brought against those who broke the law, and then brought to justice. Law enforcement agencies galore have been involved. The Capitol Police, the Washington DC Police Department, the FBI, as well as others. That should do it; however, Speaker Pelosi has other ideas.

Her first effort was to try for a second impeachment of President Trump as he was leaving office. Her motive was to make sure he would forever be off the political stage. When that effort failed, she decided to have a House - Senate congressional investigation. That was blocked when cooler heads prevailed. Even though she controls the House, the Senate wisely concluded that this was simply posturing. Not one to be outdone, the Speaker has now established a House only congressional investigation. As is her prerogative, she is setting up the commission with the most strident Trump haters that she can find from both political parties.

With little professional law enforcement experience, there is little expectation that any new evidence will be brought forward. Instead, one can fully expect that it will be months of bashing the former President again and again. Have no doubt that many in the media will eat it up and broadcast it until the public gets sick of hearing about it. When they lose interest after months of publicity, she will end it with no conclusions.

Where Are We Now?

The headlines in the days after January 6th were of murders and assaults. It turns out that the officer that died did so from natural causes, not from a made-up story about being hit with a fire extinguisher. The only death that did occur was the shooting death of an unarmed lady veteran. It took these six months for the FBI to even release the name of the officer. If that had happened in the streets, there would have been riots demanding the name of the officer.

You would think that now, after six months, we would have heard some headline cases of who has been convicted of horrible crimes. We have all been waiting. Arrests have been announced, but few have gone to trial. In most cases, the FBI has successfully overcharged individuals, then agreed to lesser charges if they will plead guilty to those lesser charges.

In at least one case, a demonstrator has been in jail for six months. If he ever goes to trial, the charges against him probably will not warrant but a fraction of that time he has already been locked up.

This is only one example of the ability of some to “milk” an issue for all it is worth. I could give you many other examples of those who manipulate the media, replaying events, regurgitating stories, leaving the public with the perception that problems are worse that they are and, therefore, need government fixing. If they repeat the falsehoods and mischaracterizations enough times, many people will believe them. Don’t let yourself be one of those. Read and listen to what is being reported then think it through. Don’t let them manipulate you.

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