Robert Bondurant (left) has finalized the purchase of a building on Third Street in Chase City which will be home to Bondurant Brothers Distillery. Pictured with Bondurant is Chase City Mayor Eddie Bratton. The town will supply the new operation with water from the well system which used to supply the town’s supply of drinking water.  

On a warm spring evening in May, Robert Bondurant stood outside an old building beside the railroad tracks on Third Street in Chase City. Bondurant has plans for the long unused space and in the fading light on that May evening, he explained why he felt the building and the site would be a great place to locate a small distillery operation.

If anyone should know a great location for a distillery, it’s Bondurant. His grandfather and two great-uncles were the famous “Bondurant Brothers” of Franklin County, Va.

During prohibition and the Great Depression, Franklin County was known as “the Moonshine Capital of the World.” Jack, Forrest and Howard Bondurant were regarded as some of the most prolific producers of high quality moonshine whiskey in Franklin County. The product they made was shipped to speakeasies across the country.

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