October 2021 Mecklenburg Deeds

Justin Abate to Patricia R. Williams, lots 3&4 section A Tanglewood Shores Lacrosse district for $299,000.

Ernest Abendschein to Darryl A. Emory, lot 9-E Lacrosse district for $46,000.

ABHA Properties, LLC to William A. Shelton, III, lot 6 1.05 AC Harris Farms Lacrosse district for $22,000.

Barry Lynn Adams to Michael E. Hunter, lot 4 Palmer Springs district for $125,000.

ALD Investments, LLC to Allan L. Dahl, Jr., parcel A 0.18 AC town of Clarksville for $340,000.

Stephen M. Allgood to Shaun O’Brien, 0.5 AC Boydton district for $20,000.

James Vernon Alphin to Scott Alan MacPherson, pts. 10-13 & lots 28-30 block 22 Prestwould Bluestone district for $275,000.

American Timberland Homes Co. to Darrin T. Bennett, lot town of South Hill for $169,900.

Tobert L. Ammonette, III Exor to Christopher Matisa, lot 1 section 3 Holiday Shores Clarksville district for $6,000.

Sharon J. Anderson to Randall Allison, lot 3 Bluestone Point Bluestone district for $205,000.

Sharon Ange to Susan M. Dunn, lot 53-F River Ridge Lacrosse district for $20,000.

Jacqueline F. Arnald to Stacey Smith, 2 AC Boydton district for $182,606.

Laura E. Arrington to Maria Michelle A. Newcomb, parcel 51 0.984 & parcel 52 0.600 AC Clarksville district for $170,000.

Awesome Faith Ministries to Rent It Out, LLC, parcel B 3.22 AC Lacrosse district for $195,000.

Delmer Aylor to Moseley Timberlands, LLC, 63 AC Lacrosse district for $126,000.

Malcom L. Bailey to Microsoft Corp, parcel 1 & 2 584.68 AC town of Chase City & Chase City district for $3,802,630.

Donald R. Baker to Donald Talley, 0.56 AC town of South Hill for $28,000.

Beaver Pond Farm LLC to David Shane Price, 5 parcels Clarksville district for $610,000.

Christopher Dale Bondurant to Deborah S. Barker, lot 22-M River Ridge Lacrosse district for $10,000.

Andrew E. Briggs to Brian S. Smith, lots 3-7 block 15 Prestwould Bluestone district for $205,000.

James Nash Brooks to Matthew T. Lawson, 0.14 AC South Hill district for $5,000.

Seamus Darby Bryan to Carolyn L. Wood, lots 120-121 Roanoke Point unit 7 section D Clarksville district for $14,000.

James Bryan Cash to Nocarva, LLC, 4 parcels Palmer Springs for $400,000.

Charles Anderson, LLC to Anthony J. Milam, parcel B 9.95 AC Clarksville district for $50,000.

Joseph F. Church, Jr. to Thomas Vincent Taylor, lot 37 Hinton Mills Palmer Springs district for $350,000.

Marjorie Lynn Carter Clark to Woody K. Sutton, parcel Boydton district for $45,000.

Judy H. Cleaton to Terry W. Stone, parcel A 23.06 AC Lacrosse district for $100,000.

Commonwealth Trustees, LLC to LPP Mortgage, INC, 8.473 AC lot 16 Buckhorn district for $58,729.95.

Joan M. Corwin to Ronald W. Bateman, lot 64 section 2 Champion Forest Lacrosse district for $230,000.

Charles C. Crickenberger, III to Rigoberto Sanchez, lot 10 block A Northington Heights town of South Hill for $175,000.

Anne O. Crowder to Eddie H. Callahan, parcels Buckhorn district for $270,000.

R. Brandon Curtis to John H. Comstock, III, 5.92 AC Clarksville district for $13,000.

Richard H. Cutler to Tejaskumar M. Patel, lot 38 Hollydale Phase II town of South Hill for $42,500.

Roxie O. Daniel to Jon M. Fagin, 0.506 AC town of Clarksville for $3,500.

Ronald L. Davis to Bradley Foster, parcel town of Chase City for $76,500.

J. A. Devin, Jr. to Virginia Electric & Power Co., parcels Chase City district for $1,850,000.

Kelly L. Devin to Ashley M. Dailey, lot 12 & lot 13A WestmoreLand town of Clarksville for $181,000.

William Benjamin Edmonds to Taylor D. Winiarski, 0.64 AC town of South Hill for $65,500.

Gilbert A. Edwards to Charlton J. Hazen, Jr., parcel 17-A 1.453 AC Clarksville district for $6,000.

Darryl A. Emory to Peggy Murphy, lot 64-G River Ridge Lacrosse district for $20,000.

John E. Field to James R. Skinner, lot 113-B Lacrosse district for $5,000.

Sidney L. Flaker, Jr. to Nathan M. Towery, parcel A 0.69 AC Bluestone district for $130,000.

Linda Piron Foster to William Gregg Wyatt, lot 81 section B Lacrosse district for $27,000.

Gregory F. Frost to Linda Hardter Lowe, lot 108-C River Ridge Lacrosse district for $39,500.

Brandon Gallant to Norris H. Hart, lot 134-H Lacrosse district for $31,000.

Darrel E. Garnett to Ryan Shifflett, parcel A 7.50 AC Boydton district for $26,250.

Michael A. Gilbert to Xin Wang, part of tract 1 Buckhorn district for $275,000.

Tyree Gregory to Greenwood Properties, LLC, 7.00 AC Boydton district for $22,000.

H&S Holding Properties, LLC to Robert L. Kassel, 2.5 AC town of Clarksville for $240,000.

Justin Mark Hairston to John Ralph Labone, part of lots 13, 61-64; lots 14-18 Raynob Park town of Clarksville for $169,000.

Lori A. Hamlett to Lauren G. Moon, 2 parcels town of Clarksville for $129,000.

Claiborne A. Harmon to Scott A. Magnus, 0.99 AC Boydton district for $285,000.

Steven Larry Hawkins to William D. Rinker, lot 13-I River Ridge Lacrosse district for $23,500.

Julia M. Hicks to Travis Dale Philbeck, lot 9 section 2 Nocarva Palmer Springs district for $50,000.

Internal Revenue Service to William H. Jones, parcels Clarksville district for $42,307.

Internal Revenue Service to William H. Jones, parcels Clarksville district for $17,495.

Internal Revenue Service to William H. Jones, parcels Clarksville district for $75,640.

Sam Allen Keeton to Jimmy Allan Garland, 0.98 AC Clarksville district for $122,000.

William T. Keiser to Donald R. Mitchell, lot 115-F River Ridge Lacrosse district for $49,000.

Larry Eugene Kindley, Jr. to Alyson K. Coleman, 2 parcels town of Boydton & Boydton district for $230,000.

Susan Walker Kirkland to Meremont, LLC, lot 1 block 1 Bluestone district for $6,000.

Michael L. Lester to Patrick J. Gibson, lot 66 section 2 Lacrosse district for $825,000.

Robert M. Lewis, Jr. to Daniel Wiram, lot 5 0.71 AC Lacrosse district for $1,400,000.

Walter A. Liffick to Paul J. Vannozzip, Jr., 8.81 AC lot 20 Grace Stone Estates Clarksville district & town of Clarksville for $475,000.

Michael B. Lynch to Marcus B. Clary, 0.500 AC Lacrosse district for $10,000.

Ralph K. Maggard to Michael D. Baker, 2.00 AC Clarksville district for $45,000.

Matt Chumney Realty, LLC to Frederick Merrill Shoup, II, lot 4 23.542 AC Chase City district for $160,000.

Thomas J. Maule to Ken Ferrell, 4 parcels Bluestone district for $1,145,625.

Thomas J. Maule to Ken Ferrell, 6.62 AC Bluestone district for $75,000.

Edward J. McMahon to Kevin Ross Humble, 1.19 AC lot 2 Three Coves Palmer Springs district for $76,000.

Steven A. McCauley to Marquis Diquan Broadwater, 10.386 AC parcel III Palmer Springs district for $35,000.

Shelby W. McSwain to Frenklin Christian, lot 8 Block A town of South Hill for $190,000.

Douglas Wade Meade to Darryl A. Emory, lot 46-F Lacrosse district for $40,000.

June Miller to Bridget Anne Branham, lot 101 Lacrosse district for $370,000.

Andrew N. Moody to Smileys Construction, LLC, 2.54 AC town of South Hill for $210,000.

Karen Seay Moore, Sub Tr to Sheila M. Roper, TR, 9.37 AC South Hill district for $26,500.

Linda Lunsford Moore to Adrian Calugar, lot 70 Fox Run Lacrosse district for $415,000.

Patricia A. Nelson to Edward T. Peed, lots 9-11 section A Ponderosa Peninsulas Palmer Springs district for $375,000.

New Life Assembly of God to David P. Lowman, lots 8-9 block 17 Prestwould Bluestone district for $12,500.

Oscar Kent New, Jr. to Serenity Now, LLC, lot 9 section A Long Branch Shores for $420,606.

Elizabeth Gerry O’Neill to Elizabeth H. McGraw, 1.62 AC Clarksville district for $410,000.

Palmer Point Investors LLC to Laura C. Martin, lots M1 0.93 AC Palmer Springs district for $35,000.

Phyllis A Spencer Parham to Alan C. Wright, interest 26 2/3 AC Boydton district for $7,000.

Rebecca O. Parker to Melissa Ruth Nelson, 2 parcels Clarksville district for $140,000.

Keran Patel to Hiteshkumar Patel, lots 8-10 and part of 11 town of South Hill for $400,000.

Gene Pendergraph to Ramona Joy Thornton West, 15.97 AC Boydton district for $39,900.

Laura R. Pinchbeck to Candice Veach Holland, lot 17 section C Lacrosse district for $157,000.

Jason P. Pinkston to Ronald A. Rudder, 1.74 AC lot 18 Beechtree Bluestone district for $440,000.

Robert M. Ramey to William G. Buck, Jr., 0.856 AC lot 10 town of Clarksville for $89,000.

Marc A. Reed to Kristopher M. Reed, 2 parcels town of South Hill for $130,700.

Reverse Mortgage Funding, LLC to Owen N. Pollard, Jr., parcel 2 Clarksville district for $155,000.

H. Wayne Roberts, Tr to Pamela Lynn Aleshevich, lot 3 town of Clarksville for $11,900.

Michael Eugene Ruiz to Shana M. Wallace, interest lots 169-C River Ridge Lacrosse district for $5,000.

Frederick S. Schaffer, Jr. to Willard Edward Valentine, Jr., lot 41 Lacrosse district for $139,000.

Brandon B. Sloan to Alice O. Yeatts, lot 29-E Lacrosse district for $89,997.

David L. Snead to James W. Smiley, II, 1.03 AC Buckhorn district for $160,000.

Julia C. Snead to Severo M. Zarate, tract 3 23.60 Acres Lacrosse district for $85,000.

Denys G. Steger to John F. Woodfin, lot 820-E River Ridge Lacrosse district for $106,000.

Steven M. Storm to Pedro Urena, lot 2 block C Hill Crest town of Clarksville for $142,500.

Superior Investments, INC to Mary Ann Caley, town of South Hill for $237,275.

Morgan Taylor to Steve J. Higley, lot 9-C River Ridge Lacrosse district for $24,000.

Robert Michael Tuttle to James Bryan Lenertz, 11.70 AC Boydton district for $530,000.

Ronald Gregory Vaughan, Jr. to Michael R. McMillan, parcel B 2.71 AC Palmer Springs district for $18,500.

Justin M. Vermeulen to John M. Nagorsky, lot 20 section E Joyceville Lacrosse district for $430,000.

Thomas M. Ward, Jr. to Lake Country Land, LLC, parcel Clarksville district for $232,400.

Waymer K. Ward, Sr. to Michael Wentworth, lot 50 section O Lacrosse district for $89,000.

Welbury Properties, LLC to Jack Everett Long, lots 84 & 85 Clarksville district for $245,000.

James W. Wheeler to Matthew Ferrell, 83.02 AC Palmer Springs district for $675,000.

White Joan C. Trust to John S. White, lot 8 Edith L Jeffreys town of Chase City for $80,000.

Joanne Tigue Wiley to Demetrick L. Phillips, lots 18 part of lot 17 section 3 Ben Matthews town of South Hill for $26,000.

Gary W. Willoughby to Peggy Ellington Cyrus, lot 11 0.86 AC Walnut Hill subdivision for $535,000.

Robert C. Wiltsey to Crystal Akins, 2 parcels Lacrosse district for $26,000.

John Frederick Woodfin to Linda Haines, lot 113-F Lacrosse district for $79,000.

Elizabeth Chaplin Woodward to Catherine Crane Kelly, lot 7 Beaver Creek sub Clarksville district for $437,000.

Jay S. Yarborough to Colton D. Edmonds, lot 6 0.574 AC The Pointe Clarksville district for $140,000.

Deborah L. Young to Tinamarie Proped, 1.37 AC town of Chase City for $23,000.

James A. Young, Jr. to Jalickson Eduardo P. Ontiveros, 1.50 AC parcel 1 Boydton district for $16,800.