Clarksville increases mayoral and council compensation

Upon researching the compensation for mayors and town council members of nearby towns and counties, Jeff Jones found that the average pay for mayors is $376/month and for council members the average is $201/month.

Clarksville’s current compensation for mayor is $84/month and council members is $47/month. The town’s charter states that town council is authorized to change the salaries of council members, mayor, and members of the board; however, they may only due so in the August of odd-numbered years with changes made effective the following September. Additionally, they are not able to increase or diminish salaries in the following two-year period.

Jones recommended that town council adjust compensation for the mayor to $150/month and council members to $100/month to be more in line with the surrounding areas.

Clarksville’s town council approved this recommendation and will be putting forth an amendment to increase the mayor/council line-item in the general budget by $4,608 from the contingency reserve.

The council recognized James Puryear of the Clarksville Maintenance Department for his 40 years and 9 months of diligent public service work served. Richard Elliott congratulated Puryear and wished him a happy retirement.

Elliott shared that Public Works will begin water line repairs over by the condos shortly. He commented, “We’ve had a lot of issues over there with the line breaking. Too many times, too often, and too quick. Walker Construction will be coming in on the 7th of September and start replacing that line.”

Council member Carolyn Hite asked for an approximate price; Elliott responded that the project will cost almost exactly $70K.

Later, Jeff Jones stated that while he hasn’t finished up with his ARPA funds proposal, using the funds to address water line problems within the town is his top priority. He expects to have the proposal written up and ready for the council within the next 30 days. He will also look into using some of the funds to address broadband concerns and for business development.

Due to unexpected conflicts and delays, the council was unable to meet until after the Better Block in a Box event.

The event went well; Better Block—a group out of Dallas, Texas—was contracted by Microsoft to come in and show the Mecklenburg community what they can do with the cargo container that was brought in.

Better Block used the supplies contained within the box and set up a block party event complete with a bar area, several seating areas, corn hole and other games for the community to enjoy.

The cargo box now sits at Mecklenburg County Public School’s building so that any community member can contact the school system to reserve it and use it.

Jeff remarked that all you need is a way to transport it from place to place. He also shared that Clarksville is happy to be the first ones to kick it off, and that it was a honor for the community to be able to use it.