Mecklenburg Tourism gears up for launch of second voucher round September 8

Mecklenburg County Tourism is launching the second round of the Gift Card Match Program on September 8 at 6:00p.m. This round will have a $100k match!

The South Hill Chamber of Commerce, Chase City Chamber of Commerce and Clarksville Chamber of Commerce have united with Mecklenburg County Tourism to form the “Chamber in Action” joint initiative to assist local businesses during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. The Chambers in Action program has built an online shop where Gift Certificates to local businesses are being sold. Businesses can join the program at

As a refresher, this program will match each purchase, dollar for dollar, for as long as the matching fund lasts. That means that for each $20 unit purchased, the customer receives a $40 gift certificate to be redeemed when the time is right, and the business receives that $40 now, when cashflow is most crucial.Businesses who sign up are required to agree to a set of terms and conditions for participation. Vouchers will expire one year after purchase.Individuals and organizations wishing to contribute to the matching fund are invited to contact Tina Morgan at Mecklenburg County Tourism to do so (434-738-6191)

Local businesses that have already signed up for the program include Blue Creek Cove, Bringleton’s Coffee House, Doodlebug’s, Makers Market in South Hill, Chase City Flower Shop and Gino’s.

Tina Morgan of Mecklenburg County Tourism has taken the time to answer a few frequently asked questions regarding the program including how many vouchers can be purchased by one person.

Each customer will be limited to five vouchers, or a total of $100 per transaction. The vouchers will expire within one year of purchase. To redeem any voucher, customers will be given a unique code that they can print out and present at the time of payment. Morgan includes, “If you do not have a way to print the vouchers, you can forward them to your local Chamber of Commerce, who will print them out for you.  Each business will be provided with a record of each purchase, to keep on file until the voucher is redeemed.”

The first round of this program was held on May 11; in just over two hours all $22,000 worth of Gift Vouchers were completely sold out. Be sure to purchase you vouchers as quickly as possible, or you may miss the chance.