SOL scores rank MCPS 50th in the state

Based on the SOL pass rate of 60.46%, Mecklenburg County is ranked 50th out of 132 school divisions in the state of Virginia.

Due to the pandemic and the adaptation of virtual learning, 2020 numbers were not reported, however, in 2019 Mecklenburg County was ranked 61st in the state with a pass rate of 79.48%. According to Joan Hite, Executive Director of Curriculum and Instruction, though the pass rate did go down, there is nothing to be alarmed about and that the change could be contributed to remote instruction and attendance issues.

“We take this as a win as it did increase when we looked at the state but we do recognize the fact that we do have instructional work to do this year,” said Hite.

Among all of the students that were tested, MCPS ranks 42nd in Reading, 56th in Writing, 67th in History, 46th in Mathematics, and 53rd in Science.

Hite said that despite some significant issues in math, science, and history courses, there was “still some growth” in the pass rating.

Superintendent Nichols updated the Board on COVID policies and procedures from the VDOH and CDC.

“We have, as all school divisions have had in the state of Virginia, students quarantined, classrooms quarantined. We have not had a building quarantined. I will say that the Department of Education and the Department of Health agree that students need to be in school, face-to-face, whenever possible. I do want to reemphasize that state law says that school must be open five days a week with face-to-face options, unless the building is quarantined with students being quarantined outside of that,” said Nichols.

It is currently recommended that “unvaccinated or partially vaccinated people identified as a close contact should stay home, monitor symptoms, and follow all recommendations for 14 days after their last exposure. People who have been fully vaccinated for COVID-19 do not need to quarantine as long as they not have symptoms”.

If tolerable, athletes will be required to wear a mask while playing indoor sports, especially any sport that involves close contact.

Athletic events will be cancelled after the extent of the community transmission in a region locality when deciding whether to participate in or host a tournament or similar event.