MCPS delays return to face-to-face until January 25

Mecklenburg County Public Schools shifted to full remote learning on Thursday, December 10th due to significant increases in local COVID-19 cases. Anticipating a post-holiday surge of cases, MCPS took the additional precaution of planning to remain in remote learning mode through the first two weeks of January. This was a wise decision as the number of positive Covid cases in the county and throughout the state escalated significantly in the weeks after Christmas, just as expected. In fact, since Christmas we have had the highest number of cases county-wide ever.

The number of positive cases continues to be high as of today, indicating considerable community spread. Of particular significance to our school system is the fact that a number of our employees and students are currently quarantined due to their own positive test result or their close contact with someone that tested positive. Due to our continued high rate of cases among our school staff, we will delay our return to face to face learning to Monday, January 25th. As a reminder, this return is only for those elementary and secondary school students who have been with us for face to face during the first semester.

Mecklenburg County Public Schools is now working with the Virginia and Mecklenburg County Departments of Health and planning the vaccination process for our employees. The first of the two-part vaccination, for those who choose to take it, will hopefully take place in the next two weeks.

Despite high case numbers at this time, we still anticipate the case numbers to drop following the New Year surge. We hope and continue to plan to open the second semester (beginning Feb. 1st) with expanded face to face learning for those elementary students whose families want them to return as well as for our secondary students who choose to return to face to face learning.

We urge our MCPS family to take every precaution to stop the spread of this virus.