New School construction continues on schedule and under budget

Skanska, the architect for the new Mecklenburg County Middle/High School facility provided the School Board with an update on the construction progress.

The roof deck is complete on every area of the building except for the front administration area, which is being worked on this week.

First floor fire suppression and electrical work is complete and crews continue to move through the second floor and into the CTE area.

Curtain wall installation in the cafeterias is nearing completion while the rest remain in progress.

Mecklenburg Electric provided permanent power to the site last week, kitchen equipment is being installed, and floor polishing begins this week.

Crews have started pouring concrete on the middle school athletic fields as high school fields are being constructed.

Through November we will see the completion of drilling for the stadium lights, completion of the middle school athletic field fencing, completion of the high school bus stop canopy steel, and main building dry-in.

The anticipated completion date still sits at August 1, 2022 and so far Skanska remains under budget at $109,309,510

Wanda Bailey asked that the final completion date be repeated for everyone to hear. “Everywhere I go everybody says ‘oh we’ve heard the school is not going to be ready on time’ and I say ‘well that’s really interesting’. Every month Skanska comes and gives us an update that it’s going to be ready on and under budget.”

Paul Nichols said that he took the Fine Arts Committee, which includes School Board members Gavin Honeycutt and Ricky Allgood, to the site to begin planning use of the auditorium and the various components that are there. I would say that they saw things that are not on tonight’s update because it is transpiring that fast. There is a great deal of enthusiasm and they will be working with me to make plans for a grand opening probably in July because the building will be ready. It will be a community event and we are looking forward to that.”