Winter Weather Advisory through Friday morning; nearly an inch of ice expected

The National Weather Service has issued another Winter Storm weather advisory for Mecklenburg County. This warning goes into effect at 1:00a.m. Thursday morning and will last through 7:00a.m. Friday morning.

The National Weather Service is calling for a high chance of snow and sleet Thursday morning, then freezing rain and sleet. Freezing rain is expected throughout the day Thursday. Approximately 0.2-0.4 inches of ice accumulation is expected.

More freezing rain and sleet is expected Thursday night, with an expected half to three quarters of an inch of ice accumulation.

Mecklenburg Electric Cooperative has advised residents to prepare for and expect freezing rain. Offered advice includes, “Fill available containers, pans or a sink, with tap water or secure bottled water for drinking. Locate canned and dry foods that do not require cooking… make sure to have a manual can opener on hand. Gather battery-powered lights, extra batteries, and battery-powered phone chargers. Additionally, gather extra warm clothes, blankets, and an indoor safe heater, if you have one.”

This storm will be even worse than the last one, and has the potential to devastate the county’s power grid. Please prepare accordingly and stay safe.