Cost of Secondary Six-Year Plan rises due to gas prices

MECKLENBURG—Last July, the Mecklenburg County Board deliberated which roads would make the cut for VDOT’s Secondary Six-Year Plan. After hearing citizens’ comments, the Board decided on fourteen roads to repair: Staunton River Road, Reeses Dead End, Bowers Road, Estes Road, Hayes Mill Road, Wood Lane Road, Tobacco Lane, Wray Road, Allgoods Lane, Cannons Ferry Road, State Line Road, Dry Creek Road, Sweetwater Lane, and Lone Oak Road.

The Board approved this list and began construction in 2022 with a little over $2.4 million of available funds provided by VDOT.

However the costs of both of fuel and materials have risen substantially in the past year. VDOT told the Board this May that $2.4 million would no longer be enough to cover it. The Board went over options and decided that the best course of action would be to take from 2028’s funds to increase funding for the project by twenty percent.

After the public hearing, Councilman David Brankley made the motion to adopt the amended plan; the plan was approved.

Tobacco Lane and Cannons Ferry were both completed this month. Construction for Staunton River Road, Reeses Dead End, and Sweetwater Lane will begin shortly to be completed by fall of this year.

Estes Lane, Wood Lane Road, State Line Road, and the second part of Wray Road are expected in 2023. Hayes Mill Road and Dry Creek will follow suit in 2024, Allgoods Lane in 2025, Lone Oak Road in 2026, and finally Bowers Road—the most expensive—in 2027.

The Supervisors also approved a special exception permit submitted by Russell Dickerson to operate a custom apparel business out of a storage building on his property in Boydton.

Similarly, they approved a proposed conveyance of permanent utility easement across a county-owned property for Mr. Jean Coleman. His daughter will be returning to the area, and he would like to build a house for her on his property in Boydton.

The county actually owns the backside of the property, and Coleman needs a 20-foot easement across his property to the county’s in order to connect to Boydton’s sewer line. The county found no issue with this proposal.

After changing the scope of work for the “Timber Site Sewer Project” due to Microsoft requests, Wayne Carter has received a bid by H.G. Reynolds for $8,680,000. The project includes a six-inch sewer lift pump station as well as part of the 12-inch blowdown lines.

The Economic Development committee recommended that the Board award the contract to H.G. Reynolds; the Board followed through with the recommendation.

Alex Gottschalk brought a further refined redistricting map before the Board Monday. His goal with this amended map was to balance out population differences between District 1 and District 9 in Clarksville, align the end of District 1 with I-85 rather than Highway 1, and straighten out lines in the southern portion of District 2.

Citizens may view the map by visiting and may submit comments by visiting .

Chairwoman Claudia Lundy motioned to go forward with the next public hearing in July. The vote on redistricting will follow in August.

General Election Registrar Jason Corwin mentioned that redistricting—in addition to the closure of both high schools and upcoming construction on the elementary schools—will lead to changes with the county’s voting precincts.

He listed the following possible changes:

District 1

  • Palmer Springs Volunteer Fire Department stays the same.
  • Antioch Baptist Church stays the same.
  • Clarksville Elementary proposed to move across the street to the YMCA since the elementary school will be under construction not long after the map has been changed.

District 2

  • Chase City Volunteer Fire Department becomes the main polling area.
  • Bluestone Senior High School stays the same.
  • Bluestone Middle School will be eliminated since odds are they won’t be able to use the facility in the future. This brings District 2 down from having three polling places to two.

District 3

  • Lacrosse Fire Department stays the same. Bracey Fire Department stays the same.

District 4

  • Will only have the R.T. Arnold Library since Park View Middle School won’t be available for use. The R.T. Arnold Library is only two miles from the furthest voter in the district.

District 5

  • Looking at moving the American Legion Hall polling place to the Catholic Church to center it more in the new district.

District 6

  • Sharon Baptist Church will stay the same.
  • Buckhorn Volunteer Fire Department stays the same.
  • Trinity United Methodist Church might be moving to Lombardy Grove because District 603 expanded in size on the new map. Lombardy Grove church has a larger fellowship hall and more parking.
  • Lake Gaston Volunteer Fire Department stays the same.

District 7

  • Instead of the Chase City Volunteer Fire Department polling place—which now belongs to District 2—now it will be at the new school, Mecklenburg High School.
  • Williams Grove stays the same.
  • And Butler Memorial Library may be added to bring a total of three precincts in District 7.

District 8

  • District 8 houses Boydton now. Rather than having the polling location at the In-Service building beside Boydton Elementary, it will possibly be moved to the Boydton Rescue Squad.
  • The Clarksville VFW polling place will stay.
  • For the time being, Chase City Elementary’s polling location will remain where it is.

District 9

  • District 9 will have no changes in precinct polling places.

All Mecklenburg County voters will be notified of any official polling place changes well before the next elections.