Chase City to purchase new trucks for Public Works

The monthly Chase City Town Council meeting was rescheduled for the month of November from the 9th to the 23rd due to COVID precautions. The meeting was streamed live on the Town of Chase City’s Youtube, as the council room was closed to the public due to COVID restrictions.

The Town continued further discussion for the conditional-use permit that Paul Jackson has applied for back at the end of September. The permit would allow for Jackson to have 14 one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartments constructed on the second floor of the 411 North Main Street building, formerly the Southside Furniture Store building. The Planning Commission’s recommendation was that the Town deny the application as they believe this is not the type of establishment Chase City would want on Main Street. The Council approved a motion to deny the application as it is currently proposed, but have scheduled a January town hearing regarding the request.

Council also further discussed changing the zoning ordinance to no longer allow mobile homes, mobile home parks, or manufactured housing parks within town limits. After holding a joint-public hearing on the matter, the Planning Commission has recommended that the Town no longer allow these types of homes and housing parks, as well as requiring any new modular homes or double-wides to have a permanent foundation and to be no older than 5 years. Again, existing double-wide and single-wide homes will not be affected by this ruling. The Town agreed to adopt the suggested changes within the Town Code.

A new order of business was brought forth at the meeting regarding a maximum height allowance for fences in the Town. The proposed maximum is 8 feet. Dusty Forbes, Town Manager, explained that this rule was suggested after he had been asked by several citizens what the maximum height allowance for fences was. Dusty said that there is no current maximum height stated in the Town Code, and that this change to the code would just serve to give interested citizens a concrete answer. The Town will be further discussing this proposal at the next meeting.

The last bit of business brought before the Town Council was the proposal that the Treasurer be allowed to acquire a loan for the purchase of two new trucks for public works. As it was explained, one of the water and sewer trucks has been in the shop for the past two weeks. The truck’s turbo has gone out, and a replacement would cost approximately $3,000.

This proposed action would allow the town to go ahead and replace that truck and another similarly aged truck, and buy new ones to last the town quite a number of years. The Council approved for the Treasurer to acquire a loan for $60,000 so that two new 2021 Ford F-250 trucks can be purchased for use by Public Works.