Mark your calendars to attend the Lake Country Artisan Guild's 2nd annual Garden Gift Gala at the MacCallum More Museum and Gardens in Chase City, VA from November 2-15.  The Gala will be open Sunday's 1-4 and Monday-Saturday 10-4.  The museum will be filled with one of a kind hand crafted items. These include but are not limited to:   paintings, wall art, wood turnings, glass, jewelry, wire sculpture, prints, cards, decorative gourds, fiber and knit items.

Artists participating are:  Sarah Bolduc - water media, fiber and glass items, JJ Doyle - paintings and prints, Kim Ferguson - nationally recognized water colorist, Helen Massingill - wire sculpture, Jim Mathews - mixed media, George Reebles -  wood turned vessels, bowls and ornaments, Karen Steele - knit and fabric items, Lindie Watkins - decorative gourds including vessels and masks, Willard (Moose) Yeats - Primitive Acrylic Paintings.  In addition the artist will be taking commission orders.  These award winning artists offer unique and quality items throughout the exhibit space.

A portion of all sales at the Gala go directly to MacCallum More Museum and Gardens assisting with sustainability of the facility during these difficult times. Items are offered at a variety of price points.  Cash and carry allows visitors to take their items home once paid for when visiting the Gala. Artisans will be refilling display areas throughout the event so you may want to visit more than once during this two week Gala at the Museum.  Lake Country artisans will be working the Gala. Enjoy an art chat during your visit is always fun and educational, learning more about the artisans, the work, The Guild and the Museum and Gardens.

Sarah Bolduc, artist and President of Lake Country Artisans Guild, bubbled with excitement as she spoke of this year’s Gala.  “The 2020 Gala overflows with new high quality artistry.  The COVID stay at home practices have segued a higher level of exploration and development of fine skills, colorations, and design by our artisans. The wood turnings have inlays of multiple woods, new shapes and forms.  The decorator gourds and wire sculpture excite the viewer with charm, whimsy and detail.  The two dimension wall art offers multiple mediums including, watercolor, gauche, ink, fiber, oils, acrylics, beads and metal. Both representational paintings as well as abstracts are featured.  We are excited this year to have knit and fabric pieces available also. I am extremely proud of the Gala. Our award winning artists put forth a diverse, fun, high quality exhibition.  There is something for everyone."

Masks and social distancing required.  Hand sanitizer on site also. Directional signage clearly marks the flow of traffic allowing for six guests to enter the main gallery.  As people move to the second gallery space and check out area additional people may enter the main gallery.  Benches are provided outside should visitors have to wait a few moments prior to entering.   Cash or check for payment is encouraged due to non spontaneous Wi-Fi.  It is best to enter at the Walker Street entrance to the Museum.  With the beautiful fall weather guests may wish after visiting the gala to walk the peaceful and beautiful sculpture filled gardens.

Please come on out to MacCallum More Museum and Gardens and purchase hand crafted artisan items to enrich your home decor or give as gifts this holiday season.  The artisans are pleased to offer a high quality event at MacCallum More Museum and Gardens, 603 Hudgins, Street, Chase City Virginia.  The Lake Country Artisans Guild as well as the Museum looks forward to your visit.