Clarksville Lion’s Scavenger Hunt a Big Success

No one could have asked for a more beautiful summer day for a scavenger hunt –sunny skies, mild temperatures, soft breezes. The Clarksville Family Scavenger Hunt, sponsored by the Clarksville Lions Club was the first of its kind in the area. Days before the event, several residents and business owners commented that it was a fantastic idea, and such a family-oriented activity was welcomed in the community.

Several Lions greeted the event participants as they arrived at the Lake Life Live Stage for check in and instructions. While waiting for the official scavenger hunt to begin Caelan Winans, local teen entertained the participants with guitar selections and songs. At eleven o’clock sharp, the scavenger hunt began. Teams of two, consisting of an adult and a child scurried from the stage area to start their scavenger adventure. Clues had to be solved, locations had to be determined, and painted jeweled rocks had to be found. Each carried a point value that would be used to determine the winners.

Up and down Virginia Avenue between 3rd and 5th streets, the hunters stretched their necks, scratched their heads, stooped, pointed, screeched at a find, clapped their hands in cheerful glee. This indeed was a fun-filled, exciting, and somewhat challenging adventure that lasted only one hour.

The sounding of the bull horn signaled the hunters to return to the stage for the winners to be determined and prizes to be given out. Anxiously waiting, the hunters nibbled on delicious snacks, listened to Dr. Seuss stories and shared their scavenger hunt experience. They all said they enjoyed it. It was fun. A couple of the hunters said it was hard, but fun. Some wanted to know when the Lions were going to have another one.

First, Second, and Third place Scavenger hunt winners, respectively were Ashley Jiggets & Keshawn Champion, Carolyn Hughes & Alexander Madison, and Miller Ruff & Juliana Ruff. Those were the big winners, but every hunter received give-away prizes. Signaling the end of a great event, everyone sounded with a BIG lion’s roar.

This event which supports the Clarksville Lions Club education initiatives was made possible by contributions of the community. Special appreciation is extended to the following businesses and individuals: Davis Garage, McDonald’s, Doodlebugs, Avenue Florist, NAPA, United Country Realty, Pizza Pub, Berry Hill Irrigation, Diamond Realty, Food Lion, Betsy’s Grooming, Simmons Realty, Virginia Avenue Mall, Bowen Mini Market, Hite’s, Lowe’s , Moore’s Chevrolet, Bridgewater Bar & Grill, World of Sports, Benchmark Bank, Clarksville Laser Car Wash, Southside Southern Boatworks, Sandy Fork Fertilizer, Our Happy Place, Walmart, Lighthouse Motel, Gary’s Roofing, Lakeview Motors, The Market Store, Gloria Townsend, Nikki Hardy, Joe Davidson, Larin Kuhn, Patricia Hutcheson, Devin Blankenship, Billy Wells. Special thanks to YMCA, Chamber of Commerce, Town Hall, Sheriff’s Office, Clarksville Econ. Dev. Assn. and entertainer Caelan Winans.