Clarksville seeks sponsors for second annual Grand Illumination event

The Clarksville Chamber has met with the Grand Illumination committee and we are working on our plans for the second annual tree lighting event. We have already went ahead a purchased another 4ft section for the tree and additional ornaments for the added section and will be providing craft ornaments to the Clarksville Elementary and homeschoolers. We are looking for support from our community to raise funds for the expenses that we have already paid and for additional cost to make this a magical celebration weather in person or virtually. All money raised will fund the event and the future expenses and additions as we hope to make this a continued annual tradition for Clarksville. I know 2020 has been a trying time for everyone and if you can help in anyway, we would be very appreciative. This year due to Covid we are limiting the crowd to less than 150 people, so we are going to sell $5 tickets to those who want to attend the event otherwise we hope to promote it live for those who choose to stay home but would love to see the Tree lighting. Great news for our sponsors, ticket are provided to you for level of your sponsorship, We will have five categories of Sponsors: Gold $1,000 or more (20 tickets) Silver: $500-999 (10 Tickets) Red: $250-499 (5 Tickets) Green: $100-249 (2 Tickets) General Sponsor: Under $100 We will list the sponsors name and award level on the gifts that surround the tree, list their logo our Facebook and arrange a large ad in newspaper listing all our sponsors if pledge by November 27th. If you or your business can help contribute, please contact Sheila at the Clarksville Chamber of Commerce or Jim Moody at VET’S or any of the following on our fundraising committee:

Mike Rowe Jim Moody-co-chair: Lise Burnett