Clarksville Lions conducts free vision screening

Vision screenings and eye examinations are essential and can detect visual impairment. Recognizing its importance and providing eye health education, the Clarksville Lions Club conducts yearly screenings to Mecklenburg County public school students and periodically conducts free vision screenings to the general public.

Over the past few weeks, the club conducted vision screenings to 134 Clarksville Elementary School students; 126 middle school students; and 105 high school students. The club also assisted the Chase City Lions Club to give screenings to 146 Chase City Elementary School students.

In each instance, results from the screenings were referred to the schools’ nursing staff who in turn notify parents of any student recommended for further professional testing. These vision screenings represent a preventive measure for parents to recognize any vision problems that their children may be experiencing that could lead to inadequate school performance and prevent them from obtaining maximum benefits from their educational experience.

At this year’s Boydton Day festival, 40 adults and children visited the Lions Health Mobile Unit to receive free eye screenings. Each received individual screening results and literature for vision problem prevention. When available, the Lions Health Mobile Unit is also present during Lakefest and the Clarksville Harvest Festival.

Providing free vision screenings is yet another means by which the Clarksville Lions demonstrates its commitment to servicing the community, and we applaud the Clarksville Lions who volunteered to conduct the school screenings or the Boydton Day screenings: Lions B.A. Bowen, Trudy Spruill, Pat Hensley, Jim Andreas, Marie Andreas, and Matt Dowling.