Chase City Christmas parade route for 2020

The parade will begin on Main Street at 5:00p.m. this year on Sunday, December 6. The parade will be begin on Main Street and will take the following route:

  • Right onto Green Acres Road
  • Left onto Blankenship
  • Left onto Bailey Drive
  • Right onto Monroe Street
  • Left on 3rd Street
  • Right on Endly
  • Cross over onto 2nd Street
  • Right onto Virginia Avenue
  • Right on Pettus
  • Left onto Virginia Avenue
  • Right on Overlook Road
  • Right onto Sycamore
  • Left onto Walnut Drive
  • Left onto E Street
  • Right on Gregory
  • Right on High Street
  • Right onto Sycamore
  • Right on S. Main Street
  • Right onto B Street
  • Right on S. Grace Street
  • East onto Sycamore and Right on Fairground Drive
  • Right onto A Street
  • Right onto South Main Street
  • Right onto Highway 47 (E. 2nd Street)
  • Right on S Hervey Street where they will go through the loop and back onto Hervey
  • Cross onto 47
  • Left on Huston
  • Right on Marshall
  • Right on Walker
  • Left on Houston
  • Left on Dodd
  • Left back onto Main Street to finish at the Pavilion

If the parade is not going down your street, you can park at the end of the Food Lion or Dollar General parking lots to see the parade as it goes past. The Town of Chase City would like to make sure that everyone socially distances while watching the parade this year.

The parade will be ending at the Pavilion if you would like to stop by to watch. Be safe and we look forward to seeing you!