Clarksville community Thanksgiving dinner cancelled

Regretfully, the formal decision has been made to cancel the Clarksville Community Thanksgiving Dinner for 2020.  Given that our state remains in Phase III of the Governor's pandemic response, with continued restrictions on food service and guidelines on group gatherings and social distancing, we believe our community would not feel safe, nor comfortable enough, to gather in person with their neighbors for this most special occasion. 

Hopefully, everyone living in Clarksville and the surrounding area, will be more than ready to gather and enjoy the fellowship provided by this fantastic Thanksgiving event in an environment where everyone is welcome…and safe.

And, of course, once the threat of Covid-19 has abated, we will all have even more for which to be thankful.

Thank you to our community for their understanding and continued support.  We look forward to making our 2021 Clarksville Community Thanksgiving Dinner our best and most successful event ever.

Terri Lee


Clarksville Community Thanksgiving Dinner