Clarksville Wine Festival slated for April 10

Join us for our 15th annual celebration of the Lake Country Wine Festival in historic downtown Clarksville, April 10th new location 617 Virginia Avenue! Due to Covid19 Restrictions we have split the event into two time slots. 11 am to 2 pm or 3 pm to 6 pm.

Come to one of the most favourable WINE FESTIVALS in our area, so we invite you to come, relax, enjoy the music, the wine, craft beer, the great food offerings. Virginia Wineries, live music by Jeff & Brain & The Tobacco Road Band, great food from local restaurants and hand selected artisans and local merchants. We will have LIMITED seating available but feel free to bring your own lawn chair if you like. This is a 21 and older event, no strollers, large coolers, no pets (assistance dogs only) or children beyond the gate.

While enjoying Virginia's only lakeside town, take a stroll and visit the unique one-of-a-kind downtown shops and restaurants. Slingshot Cruise-in is open to the public from 11 am to 2 pm. Virginia Avenue from 6th to 7th Street will be closed from 8 am to 7 pm. Offering Handicap parking will be at TouchstoneBank

Ticket available now until we reach our maximum capacity.

Tickets online (left or below depending on your device), and at the Chamber of Commerce, For non-taster/DD tickets in advance are, $12, $15 at the gate.

Buggs Island Brewery will be here (Beer is not included in the price of the ticket, sold by the glass) and NEW this year but we do have Springfield Distillery bringing their whiskey and features free tastings and you can purchase their cocktails. This event is for those 21 years of age and over only and it is a rain/shine event. A $1 Processing Fee for Online tickets. Your purchases will not be sent to you by mail, the tickets will be held at the front gate. Upon purchase you will receive a confirmation email. Tickets are non-refundable.

All festival proceeds will benefit the Town's Chamber of Commerce and will go towards future projects. For more information, use our contact form <; or call 800-557-5582

Wineries registered for the 2021 Wine Festival are:

* AmRheins Wine Cellar

* Eastwood Farm & Winery

* Haley's Honey Meadery

* Bright Meadows Farm

* Rebec Vineyards

* DeVault Winery

* Castle Glen Winery

* Mattaponi Winery

* American Way Country Wines

Do's, Don'ts and Rules....Please note, this is a 21 yr & up event only!

Please Do..

* Blankets, umbrellas & lawn chairs are welcomed in designated areas only.

* Take advantage of our fabulous food vendors! NO coolers/picnic baskets/large bags. Your bags/carts will be searched at the gate - no "adult beverages" of any kind, beer, wine, or liquor, outside food or any beverage mug/cup/bottle are allowed to be brought into the festival. Bottled Water is provided to all DD's, otherwise water is sold for $1 at the Chamber raffle booth.

* COVID19 measures.if you come in group, please stay with that group, social distance when in lines and around the grounds. Mask are required while walking around and in lines. If you are ill or have been around others with systems, please stay home. If you feel unsure of your safety, please stay home. We are asking that if you decide to come, it is at your own risk and we know you will be responsible for the safety of you and others around you. Please adhere to all safety procedures that need to be implemented so we can have the event.

* Remember the proceeds of this event benefit the Clarksville Lake Country Chamber.

* IMPORTANT - Pre-arrange a driver they can pick you up near entrance. If coming from out of town or want to be able to walk to the festival - - consider a hotel room. Many options are within walking distance. List of

Accommodations HERE


* If you need assistance with carry-outs (ex: purchases of cases of wine or products from the festival, find a staff person in lime green polo to assist you).

* Enjoy our town's other happenings - After the Festival, most restaurants/bars have specials! Many are within walking distance of the festival. Check out other Weekend Events for details.

Please DON'T do these...

* No Children/Babies! This event is for adults (21 & up) only - there are no activities for children

* No coolers/picnic baskets or large bags, small bags allowed.

* No pets! Sorry, but this is not an appropriate venue for pets.

* No unauthorized pop-up tents, no grills, generators, or tables permitted. Table and Belvederes tents are provided by the event host.

* No open containers of alcohol out of the fest! VA Wines (corked/unopened) you purchased at the festival can be taken home with you. Wines and all beer, but are consumed on site. You may NOT leave or enter the event with wine in your wine glass.

* Do Not Abuse our DD Ticket and think you can sneak drink, if caught you will escorted from the site. The intent of the DD tickets is to provide safe rides home for your group or for those who do not drink.

* Please no littering. Violators will be escorted from the event.

General Rules

* The Clarksville Chamber reserves the right to limit space for individual Belvedere areas in order to accommodate all patrons and to provide safe access through the festival grounds.

* Fest reserved right to stop serving fest attendees who have over-consumed. Proper behaviour and responsible post-fest transportation plans are encouraged.

* Reserved tables and belvedere areas need to provide their own table settings; you may bring additional personal chairs & decor.

* Due to ABC regulations, ticket holders must be 21 years of age to purchase or consume alcoholic beverages. Proper identification is required. Once you enter event, tickets are non-transferable.

* Tickets are non-refundable, and event is Rain/Shine, so dress for the weather! Keep your ticket all year for discounts that are available from most participating merchants on back of your tickets.

* No animals, except hearing /dog animals and service/dog animals or animals utilized in law enforcement, are permitted in the festival site.

* Only staff personnel/vendors are to operate the event carts on the bridge.

* Methods of Payment: We accept cash & credit cards. There is an ATM nearby.

* No Refunds - the Fest is held rain or shine - a little bad weather is not cause for us to cancel the event. However should there be a public safety weather related or otherwise catastrophic situation and THE EVENT

ORGANIZERS have to cancel the event. There is not a rain date. Tickets are tax deductible.

* Skates, skateboards and bicycles are not permitted in the event.

We reserve the right to postpone, cancel and/or evacuate events due to adverse weather conditions.

Clarksville Police also may escort any unruly or disruptive attendees off site, including folks that may be deemed to be "over-served". We want you to have fun, but it is your responsibility to behave in an appropriate manner.

NOTICE: These regulations do not alter or change State or Town laws in any manner and you are subject to all applicable State or Town laws