The Clarksville Lions Club donate to Hunters for the Hungry

Gary Arrington, Director of Hunters for the Hungry receives donation from Clarksville Lions Club President, Patricia Hutcheson

Recently, the Clarksville Lions Club hosted Mr. Gary Arrington, Director for the Hunters for the Hungry.

The Club is currently donating to support feed the hungry during this pandemic that has led to jobless homes through tasks as well as donations.

Hunters for the Hungry, is a Virginia only based organization established 29 years ago to provide venison to families in need.  Over the years, Hunters for the Hungry has provided over 28.8 million venison servings for Virginians.  It is their hope to reach this year’s goal of 900,000 servings.  This goal can be made possible only by either monetary contributions or for hunters to share their bounty with the organization.

Throughout Virginia, several partnerships and endorsements by individuals, civic and community organizations have been made.  Locally, Castle’s Butcher Shop in Chase City serves as a processing and collection site.  It is here that hunters can drop off their deer where it will be readied for distribution.  Once processing is complete, the Clarksville Food Pantry and the South Hill Bread Box receive the low-fat protein rich venison in the name of Hunters for the Hungry.  The meat is provided at no cost to these food programs to assist their efforts of feeding the local community.

To learn more about how you can help, contact Hunters for the Hungry at 1-800-352-4868 or visit their website:  If you know of other organizations locally that help distribute feed the hungry projects…please contact a Clarksville Lion.