Eva Baughan and Jessie Evans at 713 Dodd Street are winners for week 5.  This home was chosen by the Bethlehem Stars for its beautiful spring symphony of flowers, shrubbery, lawn, and exterior decor. Read more

Clarksville Ruritan President Greg Pipan congratulates John Litalien on being selected Ruritan of the Month. All through the pandemic, John continued to work on almost every project of the club, especially stew preparation and sales, adopt-a-… Read more

At the first membership meeting of 2021 for the Clarksville Ruritans, Jerry Oglesby was welcomed  into the club by Leslie Pipan.  He is already actively involved in the organization by serving on the scholarship committee. Read more

The Lions Club of Chase City donated $1,250 to Chase City Elementary’s Project HOPE on May 3. The Lions presented Chase City’s Principal, Frederick Taylor and Project HOPE ambassador Kelly Colgate with that amount in $50 Food Lion gift cards.… Read more

This Euphorbia is an easy succulent for beginners to grow.  Although there are difference kids of succulents, they have common needs for light, temperature, water application and planting media, and this makes them an easy choice for home gardeners. Read more

It’s no secret that succulent plants are successful growers. Over 10,000 succulent varieties can be found around the world, in such difficult habitats as mountain tops, desert expanses, jungles, even on rocky coastlines. They are so widesprea… Read more

Pictured in the front from left to right are South Hill Elementary School Teacher Denise Walker, Shops of South Hill Representatives Jordan Coe Klein and Kevin Blackwell, and Savanna Barker Slayton, R.N. Pictured in the back from left to righ… Read more

The SHOPS of South Hill are kicking off a Hometown Heroes promotion to celebrate local first responders, teachers, nurses, and linemen who have gotten us through the winter storms and COVID-19 pandemic over the past year. Read more

The South Hill Revitalization Committee’s ‘Operation Clean Up’ event got underway Saturday the 17th with registration starting at 8:30am in Centennial Park. The event ran from 9:00am until 12 pm. Read more

The Bethlehem Stars chose Mr. and Mrs. Norman Spencer at 527 Harveys Lane as the winner for the fourth week.  Their lawn was perfectly manicured and highlighted with beautiful shrubs, and a colorful array of pansies and violas. Read more

Valor & Grace Literacy Cove has announced its first annual Summer Series for grades K-8. Valor & Grace will be hosting events to teach children logical thinking skills, new skills, and all sorts of fun activities! The kickoff event is… Read more

On April 21, Chase City Town Manager Dusty Forbes’ service was immortalized as a brick was lain in his honor at the Mecklenburg County Veterans Memorial. Forbes served in the US Navy during operation Desert Storm. Forbes now serves as the VFW… Read more

The winner for Week 3 is Mrs. Geneva Carter-Wilson at 640 Marshall Street.  Azaleas and other perennials were in bloom and her yard was well manicured.  She was chosen by the Bethlehem Stars. Read more

Growing celery (Apium graveolens) is generally considered to be the ultimate vegetable gardening challenge. It has a very long growing season but a very low tolerance for both heat and cold. Give it plenty of water and a good rich soil, and y… Read more