Dear Editor,

Mike Town, Manchester, Jamaica was the destination of Chuck Wright for 24 days to do mission evangelizin. Mike Town, Jamaica, is a very small village in the Blue Mountains. The work was very hard and greatly spiritually rewarding. It is always an experience living with the local family and eating their style food.

The theme for us this time was “There is something special in every one.”

We gave away tracks and lead revival meets. This year’s physical efforts were the hardest ever for me. Hurricane Matthew created periods of torrential rainfall, low-lying areas were flooded, and many roads were unuseable. I still want to help make a difference as long as God can use me. I know that each one can make a difference if we really want to. Each person must be willing to step out on Faith and learn that the word Love is far more than just a romantic term, for when you give a part of yourself to people you may never see again just because you are, you being to understand love.

The Pimento Hill Church of Christ was the main area revival meetings. Many tracks and witnessing efforts were shared in the Black River Town, Mandeville Town Center and Westmoreland area. The people are very open to learning more of what the Bible teaches. Many can not read as well as they would like and love for some one to teach them.

I want to thank everyone for all the prayers and support, for it takes all to do missions. If anyone would like to have me give report on mission or be involved in a mission trip, please contact me - Chuck Wright, 890 Ft. Mitchell Rd., Chase City, VA 23924 or email carloswright70@yahoo. com

Chuck Wright