Dear Editor,

On Sunday afternoon, December 11th, I was privileged to attend the Bluestone Band Concert. I’d like to commend Mr. Allgood for the amazing work he accomplishes with his students.

These students literally bring tears to my eyes when they perform. It’s simply amazing what a wonderful teacher and some talented students can accomplish with lots of practice and hard work in such a short time.

Having been in music for many years myself, I truly appreciate their great effort. They not only sounded great, the looked amazing.

Thank you, Mr. Allgood, for your many years of service to this county and these amazing students.

These students respect you and it really shows. It was so nice to see how well behaved they were as they waited their turns to perform. I’m thankful I was blessed to be able to attend and hear the beautiful music. What a great Christmas gift to all from Mr. Allgood and his multi-talented students.

I look forward to the spring concert. God bless you all and Merry Christmas.

Keep a song in your heart, Love, Cindy West