A month ago we sent off a Letter to the Editor congratulating the County Supervisors, School Board, and School Administrators for moving toward a conclusion to the long overdue upgrade of our secondary public school facilities and programs. As a University Professor and Middle School Teacher, respectively, we have seen and experienced the opportunities that a quality education provides to aspiring students. The consolidated Middle School/High School at a central location in Mecklenburg County was by far and away the best choice on the basis of quality of education for our students, and its minimal economic impact on the County taxpayers, for preparing our students for a 21st century career where skills beyond the current academic diploma are now essential.


Unfortunately, our children’s and grandchildren’s future for academic and career success is currently being held hostage by 5 individuals on the School Board who have formed an entrenched position of defiance to logic and to the future of our children. Based upon weak, incorrect, and at times, ridiculous reasons for having their own separate school for the East End of Mecklenburg County, these FIVE members of the School Board have put in jeopardy the great strides our County has made over the last two years. If this impasse continues, our County will see another generation of graduates cheated out of an education that can lead to a livable wage for all levels of academic achievement. To the Defiant 5 - Please act responsibly! If you are unwilling to recognize the damage you would be doing to this next generation of students, then may your conscience be held accountable by the many future graduates who will be relegated to a less than livable wage for the rest of their lives. The appointed Community Facilities Steering Committee with representatives from all areas of the county, along with the County Supervisors, the School Administrators and the Public, have spoken. DO WHAT IS RIGHT FOR OUR KIDS!!!


Respectfully submitted,

Russ and Linda Messier