Dear Editor,

I write to you as a property owner and resident of Mecklenburg County, VA. I was born and reared at 1165 Scotts Crossroad. I received a communication from the Zoning Administrator, Mr. Kendrick some months ago informing me of the planned Seven Rivers Project for the installation of solar panels. These panels will be installed adjacent to my property.

In February, 2020, I observed a stake with green and white ribbon had been placed in my field. I was not informed as to why this stake was placed there nor whom was responsible.

I would like to know more about the Seven Rivers Project. I have learned that the project’s plans are to include more average than what I had been previously told. Where will the entry point be, how will my property be affected, how will the solar panel installation property be maintained over the years, and will our fresh water rivers and streams be affected in any way? What about wildlife?

Over the years, I have been saddened tremendously, by the decline, especially in the town of Chase City as well as in other parts of the county. There appears to be little effort being placed on improving buildings, store fronts, homes and businesses.

In order to improve the financial status of the residents of this county, any new business that seeks to bring its company here should guarantee the hiring of local people, contributing funds to improve the living conditions, including health, of our residents and guarantee in detail written plans how their company will improve the economy of our county for the future.

I look forward to securing the answers to my questions and request that this Seven Rivers Project be put on hold until all the residents have a better and more transparent explanation of the planned project.