A light agenda greeted members of the Mecklenburg County Board of Supervisors as that gathered on Monday morning for their November meeting. There were, however, several public hearings on the agenda for the morning.

Jennie Lee Williams had applied for a Special Exception Permit to allow her to operate an Assisted Living Home. The location is on the west side of Butchers Lane about a mile southwest of it’s intersection with Hall Road, Highway 620.

The motion was recommended for approval by the planning commission and on Monday, Supervisor Dan Tanner made a motion for the board to approve the request. By unanimous vote, the motion passed.

Bobby Thompson of Poplar Pointe, LLC, has requested a Special Exception Permit to operate a boat storage facility on a 20.56 acre tract of land in the Bracey area.

The Mecklenburg County Planning Commission has recommended approval of the request and on a motion by Supervisor Dan Tanner, the Supervisors voted unanimously to approve the request.

Also on Monday morning, the

Supervisors granted Mohammad J. Rajput a Special Exception Permit to operation a gas-station, convenience store in the old Trading Post store on Highway 719 (Rock Church Road) approximately 200 feet east of Highway 825 (Ivy Hill Road) in the Clarksville area.

Discussing the request, Supervisors noted that the Trading Post had operated on the site for a number of years and closed about two years ago.

The Planning Commission has recommended approval of the request and at the public hearing held during the meeting, no one spoke against the request.

On a motion made by Supervisor Andy Hargrove, the Supervisors voted unanimously to approve the request.

The Supervisors also held a public hearing on Monday concerning changes to the current way in which burn bans are adopted and terminated. The change will allow a Countywide Burn Ban to be adopted and terminated by order of the Head of the County Fire Chief’s Association, the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors and the Emergency Service Coordinator. The new rules will allow to county to

adopt and terminate burn bans in a more timely manner than they currently can.

No one spoke against the change at the public hearing and the changes was adopted by unanimous vote of the Supervisors.

Supervisor and Chair of the Budget and Finance Committee Gregg Gordon reported that at a meeting held earlier that morning, County Administrator Wayne Carter had reviewed a request from the Sheriff’s Office to appropriate funds received from the sale of their old boat for $8,500 with the funds ear- marked for replacement of cars. Gordon placed the request before the Supervisors in the form of a motion which was passed by unanimous vote.

Also on Monday, the Supervisors voted to approve a request from the School Board for a supplemental appropriation of $200,000 to the Transportation line item received from the sale of leased buses. The School Board plans to use $29,000 to replace 25 cameras on the older buses and to purchase vehicles for student transportation of replace their aging fleet.