A fast moving line of sever storms brought massive rain and high wind to the southern part of Mecklenburg County on Thursday afternoon.  Areas south of Clarksville, especially along 15 toward the state line, were hit particularly hard with lots of trees downed, closing roads and bringing down power lines.

Clarksville was still in clean-up mode on Friday morning after a series of strong storms battered the southern part of the county with high winds and massive rainfall on Thursday afternoon. The falling trees were responsible for numerous blocked roads during and immediately after the storms. One of the hardest hit areas was along US-15 south of Clarksville toward the North Carolina line.

Downed trees also brought down numerous power lines causing widespread power outages through the area.

In Clarksville, outages were spotty with some neighborhoods keeping their power on. In other neighborhoods, however, power remained off on Friday morning.

No storm related injuries were reported from the storms and as of Friday, there were no estimates of damages caused by the storm system.

This story will be updated as additional information becomes available.