Local farmer and businessman Mac Bailey made good on his promise to donate half a million dollars to Chase City on Thursday night in the second round of donations to local groups.   Two weeks ago, Bailey made a total of $275,000 in donations to the Chase City Police Department, the Chase City Volunteer Fire Department and the Chase City Rescue Squad.  On Thursday night, the remaining funds were distributed to area churches and service groups. 

On Thursday night Mac Bailey gave away the remaining $225,000 of the half million dollars he promised to donate to the Town of Chase City.  Two weeks ago, Bailey presented checks to the Chase City Police Department and the Chase City Volunteer Fire Department for $100,000 each and a $75,000 donation to the Chase City Rescue Squad.

Prior to the presentations made at the Estes Community Center on Thursday night, Bailey told the crowd assembled that when he announced the donation he had thought it would be easy to give away the money.  The process, he said, had proven more difficult than he had imagined, mostly because of the legal requirements for donations made to non-profit groups.  Several groups who had requested fund, he said, had not met those legal requirements.

“Some people who asked for funding didn’t have the credentials that I could donate to,” said Bailey.  The IRS is very tight on who I can even give to.”  

Bailey also told the group that he had not been able to provide funding for all of the worthy causes who requested funding however, he did not rule out the possibility of making additional donations later if he could.

Churches and other public service groups were high on Bailey’s list of recipients.

The YMCA of Chase City, The American Legion the Chase City Police Department, Save Our Heritage, Bethlehem Baptist Church and the Holy Name of Christ Church each received donations of $20,000 each.

Although Bailey had already made a $100,000 donation to the Chase City Police Department, on Thursday night he told the crowd that he had become aware of the fact that the Department was in dire need of several new police cruisers to replace very high milage vehicles.  It was his hope that the additional $20,000 would be earmarked for those vehicles.

Bailey also explained that he was aware that the local American Legion was in need of replacing the roof on the Legion Hall.

In making his donation to Save our Heritage, Bailey said that he hoped the funds would go to the renovations of the Mecca Theater on Main Street.

Both of the two churches receiving $20,000 donations, said Bailey, have outreach programs to help young people and the elderly in Chase City.

MacCallum More Museum and Gardens received a $20,000 donation after requesting funding to expand their facilities to accommodate tourists.

The Mecklenburg County Cancer Association and Purposeful Journey were each given $10,000.

The Chase City Church of God, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Silone Baptist Church, Centenary United Methodist Church, the Chase City Presbyterian Church, First Baptist, Cornerstone Baptist Church, First Christian Church and the Chase City Seven Day Adventist Church each received $5,000 each.

One group, Bliss of Lunenburg also received a donation because they plan on opening a thrift store in Chase City to help the needy of the community.

Also provided was a $1,000 gift for Chase City’s participation in the Walk of Honor, paying tribute to the soldiers from Chase City and the surrounding area who served in World War II.