September 6, 2019

Dear Bluestone Community Members:

As a football team, we would like to express our deepest apologies for our actions at the Bluestone High School vs. John Marshall High School game on Friday, August 30, 2019.  Our intention was not to promote unnecessary behavior or cause any safety concerns.  We are sorry for the display of unsportsmanlike conduct.

We are highly aware that our audience that evening included family members, community members, and young children.   We should not have handled the situation with an opposing school through a physical altercation.  We, as a football team, want to show younger children how to play sports and handle opposition the proper way on and off the field.  As a team, we should have been the bigger persons.

 As a result, we are truly sorry for any inappropriate action that took place Friday night.  We have high standards for ourselves and will strive to demonstrate outstanding sportsmanship.  


BHS Football Team