With the summer drawing to a close, Save Our Future in Chase City, held an event on Saturday providing free backpacks and school supplies to children from around the area.  Within the first hour some 120 backbacks with school supplies had been given away.

The kids and families started arriving before Kaprisha Hargrove and Dwight Ashe arrived on Saturday morning. The parking lot across from the “Save Our Future” office on Main Street was packed and people were standing along the side- walk in front, waiting patiently for the morning to get underway.

The kids and parents were their to get an early start on “back to school.”

Hargrove and Ashe, the founders and organizers of “Save Our Future,” a group focused on helping young people in the area, had decided to help local kids get ready for the new school year by provid- ing them with free backpacks and school supplies. While they had expected a good crowd, they did not expect the turnout that greeted them.

They were lined up when I got here this morning,” said Kaprisha Hargrove.

The parking lot of the Dollar General Store across the street had cars and people just waiting for us to get here,” agreed Ashe with a big smile on his face.

Before the first hour was over, “Save Our Future” had given out about 120 backpacks with school supplies. And, the crowd kept coming.

We had them coming from Chase City. Some on foot,” said Ashe. “We had people from Clarksville. It was a good turnout,” he said with a grin.

Speaking last week, Hargrove said that the group was giving away several types of packs and bags to meet the students


We're going to be giving away two size backpacks,” said Kaprisha Hargrove. “There’s a 15 inch and a 17 inch, with school supplies. Last year,” she said, “we had requests for tie-bags, like a duffle bag, so we have those, too.”

The give-away comes just in time. Students wind down their summer vacation when schools around the county open for the new year on Monday, August 12.

On Sunday, August 11, Save Our Future in cooperation with Derrick Rawlings and Triple D’s Barber and Beauty in Clarksville will be providing free “back to school” haircuts from 8:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M.

Save Our Future has also become active in pushing for more community support for children, appearing before groups, committees and community gatherings to speak on the issues facing children in the region.

Ashe and Hargrove will also be organizing their annual Street Basketball League for the fall with sign-ups being held on August 31 from 10:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. at the Fifth Street Basketball Court in Chase City.

Games will be played every Saturday in September, starting on September 7 and running through September 28. Divisions will include Middle and High School, males and females.

Team shirts, water and Gatorade will be provided.

The program is totally free.

For additional information please contact Kaprisha Hargrove at 434-755-5713 or Dwight Ashe at 434-262-1091.