A Mecklenburg Grand Jury handed down indictments for a dozen people for crimes recently committed in the area.

Georgiana D. Posey, 29, charged in the shooting of Donald Posey in the Chase City area on June 1.

Michael W. Nelson, 24, has been indicted on several drug related charges. Nelson was indicted for possessing, selling, giving or distributing more than one half pound but not more than five pounds of marijuana and possession with intent to manufacture, sell, give or distribute a schedule I or II drug. The charges stem from an incident on or about June 7, in the Lacrosse area.

Tyler Nicholas Eastwood, 32, will face charges of embezzling property having a value of $500 or more from O’Reilly Auto Parts following incident in the South Hill area on May 26.

Daniel Pottinger, 23, will face charges of possession with intent to distribute more than half an ounce but not more than five pounds of marijuana following a February 6, incident.

Trevonta Asharay Lynch, 28, will face charges of break- ing into the home of Washington Alexander and the theft of property worth $200 or more. breaking and entering home of Washington Alexander, theft of property worth $200 or more on or about December 6, 2013.

Xavier Jamar Dailey, 20, was indicted this week for the felonious and malicious shooting of Roger Dailey in the leg on July 16.

John Hubert Parker, Jr., 37, was indicted this week on forgery charges belonging to Brunswick County.

Clem Darnell Murray, 53, has been indicted for driv- ing while a habitual offender following an incident in Clarksville area on November 25, 2018.

Chioke Rashaad Hinton, 41, was indicted for DUI, being the third or subsequent offense committed within a ten year period and two charges of child endangerment.

Wendell Raymond Brand, Jr., 26, has been indicted for possession of a schedule I or II controlled substance follow- ing a July 18, incident.

Jerry N. Phillips, 46, will face charges of feloniously destroy, deface, damage or remove the property of Libby Richardson valued at more than $1,000 following a July 4, incident.

Donald J. Toone, 24, was indicted this week for pos- session of a controlled substance, heroin, following a December 2, 2018 arrest.