Small Business Spotlight: Virginia Avenue Mall

Picture of the front of the Virginia Avenue Mall. 

The Virginia Avenue Mall is a staple of Clarksville that offers goods from 40 independent retailers at all times of the year. Examples of goods sold at the Virginia Avenue Mall include: clothes and accessories; jewelry; books; cosmetics; coffee, snacks and drinks; small collectibles; furniture; dolls; purses; cross stitching supplies; handcrafted wooden gifts; garden flags and decorations; prints and frames; toys; water equipment; souvenirs; sewing supplies; candles; craft supplies; and a number of other hidden treasures. Their stock is ever-changing, so customers can always find something new when they visit. Owner Barbara Martin says the Virginia Avenue Mall is excited to be celebrating its 20 year anniversary this year. 

While the Virginia Avenue Mall has been open during the Coronavirus Pandemic, they have made sure to adhere to state government guidelines by enforcing social distancing, limiting customers to 10 or less at a time and cleaning thoroughly. 

Martin says that the Virginia Avenue Mall is looking forward to businesses reopening fully on May 15; she says they will be glad to see more customers coming into the store.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Virginia Avenue Mall has adjusted their hours to suit the flow of traffic. They continue to be open normal hours Monday through Saturday from 9:30a.m. to 5:00p.m. but have had to close on Sundays due to changes in business. They look forward to resuming with their normal business hours.

Customers can contact the Virginia Avenue Mall Facebook page to check out special items that are on sale and any developing information regarding the current state of things. They keep active so that their customers are well informed. They have recently posted pictures of items being sold such as masks and hand sanitizer in addition to the usual items that can be found in the mall.