The Southside Health District is reminding citizens in Mecklenburg County to avoid contact with wild or stray animals after a rabid fox was found in the town limits of Lacrosse.

  In a conversation held on Tuesday morning with Officer Doug Blanton with the Mecklenburg County Animal Control, Mr. Blanton confirmed that at the first of last week, a rabid fox call came into his office. On arrival Officer Blanton found a fox he suspected had rabies and after reports from the home owner where the fox was found, about an altercation with his family dog, Officer Blanton disposed of the fox. Animal Control sent the fox off to be tested and the results came back positive for rabies.

  Officer Blanton stated, “There’s no need for alarm in the town of LaCrosse and surrounding communities, just be aware. We don’t want the public to feel afraid of animals they see in their yards, they won’t all be rabid. However, if you see an animal in distress or behaving odd, don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll come and take care of it.”

  Officer Blanton can be reached at 434-738-6191, press 0 for an operator and report your incident. As of this report no pub- lic health alert has been issued. Further updates will be made as they become available.