Chase City Town Council honors Police Chief

Police Chief Jay Jordan with his family

The Chase City Town Council held their monthly meeting on Tuesday November 13. Police Chief Jay Jordan was presented a plaque by Sgt. Will Stembridge for his service to the town. Stembridge gave a short speech to the council and those in attendance about the impact that Chief Jordan has had on him. the department and the town. This presentation was a surprise to Chief Jordan, who’s wife and daughter were also in attendance. Sgt. Stembridge described Jordan as a “father figure” not only to him, but to many other officers. Last year the police department lost several members to other jobs and departments that left the department with less than ideal staffing. Through his hard work and dedication, Chief Jordan worked long days and hours so that the citizens of Chase City always had proper police coverage. He has since been able to get the police department back to full staff. Each member of the council along with Mayor Bratten spoke to Chief Jordan and thanked him for his selfless dedication to the town. 

Jordan’s daughter Laurine then gave an emotional speech where she reminisced from the time she was a young child until now about all of the things that she has learned from her father. She also thanked him for all he has done for her and the rest of the town. She spoke about how he has always put everyone else first, and that now it was time for him to be first. 

Sgt. Will Stembridge and Investigator Mike Jordan recently were awarded the police department’s 2019 Virginia ASAP Award that is presented yearly to the officer in each department that has the most DUI arrests throughout the year. This year Stembridge and Jordan tied for that award and were both presented the award at an awards banquet in October. Chief Jordan said that they were proud of these officers and their accomplishments in getting drunk drivers off the road. 

News Progress reporter, Dallas Weston was also recognized at the meeting by Mayor Bratten and members of the council. Weston has been reporting the news in Chase City and Mecklenburg County for over 30 years. Weston was presented a gift and a small social was held after the meeting in his honor.

In other business, council addressed the garbage rates. Rates have not been adjusted for residential customers in 10 years and commercial dumpster rental dates have not been changed since 1992. The increase in the cost of disposal, manpower and maintenance is the reason for the rate increases. Council approved to adjust the prices. The new garbage rate changes are residential customers will be charged $11.00 a month. Commercial customers will be charged $15.00 a week for one pickup per month, $30.00 a month for two pickups per week. Container rental and one pickup per month is $25.00. Additional 8 cubic yard pickup $25.00 each and additional pickup 6 cubic yard $20.00 each. Also, out of town customers will be charged an additional 25% on the total bill. 

Council also voted to increase the rent for the Robert E. Lee Building. Currently the rent is set at $75.00 plus a $25.00 refundable cleaning deposit if the renter is not charging admission. An additional charge of $55.00 is added if the renter is charging admission. The current charge for heating and air condition is $150.00. Rental rates have not been adjusted since 1987, and the heating and air condition charge has not been adjusted since 2006. The changes that council approved are for the rent to be $350.00 which includes the use of heating and air condition. If the renter is charging admission, the rent will be $450.00. $50.00 will be refunded if the building is left in satisfactory condition.

Mayor Bratten spoke about the moving of the trunk or treat event that was moved from Halloween night to the next day due to the weather threat. The event was still a success despite the date having to be changed. 

Councilwoman Lisa Gillespie spoke about events that had taken place recently in town. She said that they had 125 people at the pancake breakfast that was held at the airport. The pow wow event brought 264 people through the gate that day, not including vendors and volunteers. The Chase City Christmas Bazaar will be held on Saturday December 7 from 9 am-1 pm at the Estes Center and the Christmas parade will be held on Sunday December 8 at 6 pm. 

Town Manager Dusty Forbes gave an update on things that he has been working on since he took the position close to a month ago. Forbes said that he has been out evaluating the streets for resurfacing and has narrowed down which ones would need to be at the top of the list. He has been sending out letters for blighted properties, and they have sent out 16 letters for these property owners to clean them up or tear them down.