New convenience store and restaurant opens in Buffalo Junction

Amelia Oneil is the owner of the new restaurant and store in Buffalo Junction, Amelia's

There is a new convenience store and diner in Buffalo Junction. Amelia’s opened on Thursday November 7 and is located on Highway 49 South near the Buffalo Junction post office. Amelia’s is owned by husband and wife Richard and Amelia Oneil. The Oneil’s are originally from Massachusetts and moved to the area two years ago. Amelia Oneil says that her and her husband were looking to open up a convenience store up north before moving down here, but they were never able to find the perfect spot. When they moved to the area Amelia said that they had just bought a house in the South Boston area to fix up when they discovered the store in Buffalo Junction. She says that it was tough at first to try and locate the owner of the store because he lived out of state. When they were finally able to get in contact with him they found out that the store owner was also a contractor. Oneil expressed her desire to purchase the store, but most of their money was tied up in the house in South Boston. That is when the owner of the store asked if they would like to just swap properties, meaning that the Oneil’s would take over the store and he would take the house in South Boston. They agreed to these terms, and the dream of the Oneil’s owning a convenience store became a reality. 

Oneil said that it took approximately three months to get the store ready to open, and when they opened on November 7, it was their soft opening. She stated that there are still several things currently not in the store, that will be in the near future such as beer and cigarettes. The diner is also serving breakfast and lunch at this time but she hopes in the next week or so they will start serving dinner on Friday and Saturday nights. They are also working to get the gas pumps up and running. 

Oneil spoke about the diner and how well it has done so far. She said that it is doing “phenomenal” and she credits this to the local community embracing them and getting the word out. She credits a lot of this to the addition of Lisa Meade running the grill. Many people will remember Meade as the longtime cook at the Gator’s convenience store. Oneil says that she has had people young and old come in and thank her for opening the store back up. They have already established a core group of “regulars” that come in every day and have been an integral part in helping get the word out to the community about the opening. Amelia Oneil says that the community has been great to them, and it is such a change to speak with people from this area compared to where they are from in Massachusetts.

They are still trying to determine the hours to open and close, and they are just feeling out how things are going to work at this point. She thinks they will have earlier closing hours in the winter, and stay open later in the summer. She also mentioned coming in and opening early during hunting season, so the local hunters will have somewhere to get a biscuit and other snacks before they head out into the woods for the day. 

Amelia’s has a good selection of breakfast and lunch items to choose from including sausage biscuits, eggs, toast, omelet, pancakes and french toast. Their lunch items include burgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken sandwich, bologna burger, macaroni salad and more. They also have a selection of subs to choose from. When they start serving dinner on Friday and Saturday nights Oneil says that they will have local favorites such as fried fish and chicken. 

There is something for everyone at Amelia’s on Highway 49 so be sure to head on over there and check them out.