The March 25 Chase City Blood Drive was a success. Organizer’s Alden Fahringer and Dwight Ashe state that the goal of 28 units was hit and that more people showed up than either expected. 

With the Estes Center closed due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Alden Fahringer had to find a new space for the donation drive to be held. Fahringer met up with Dwight Ashe, Founder of Purposeful Journey in Chase City, and together the two dressed up the space for the Drive. Fahringer states that the space was near perfect for holding the blood drive, and that he’s happy to report people were able to maintain the six feet of space away from each other at the drive. They set up sitting areas with sectioned off six feet spaces to keep everyone safe while donating blood. Fahringer says that another blood drive is slated for May, far away enough that anyone who donated at this past drive will be able to donate again. 

Purposeful Journey is a nonprofit organization based in Chase City. The organization was established in 2013 by Founders Dwight Ashe and Kaprisha Hargrove, when both were looking for community street league basketball program. There was none in Chase City at the time, so the two founded their own. 

The mission and vision of Purposeful Journey is to promote, create, and maintain a positive relationship with the youth and families in the community and to stabilize individuals with intellectual disabilities, family difficulties, behavioral or emotional issues through positive mentorships, counseling and recreation. The youth are taught to set up personal goals for themselves to achieve. In addition to being mentor and counselor led, this is an each one teach one environment where the youth are able to encourage the growth of others.

Since its founding, Purposeful Journey. has hosted several programs aimed at helping the youth of Chase City. They have hosted a backpack giveaway, a haircut program at no cost to the parents, counseling, sports and other activities to help the youth. Their goals for the future are to make a youth center in Chase City, where kids will be able to safely study, have counseling, and participate in mentorship programs.

Just recently, Purposeful Journey was awarded a $32,000 grant from Microsoft. Purposeful Journey looks to invest that money into the youth in order to provide a better tomorrow for them.

Purposeful Journey is a nonprofit organization that is able to function through the donations it receives. Founder Dwight Ashe says he has big plans for the future of Purposeful Journey.