Chase City moves forward with Trunk or Treat

The hot topic of the September Chase City Town Council meeting was whether Chase City will hold Trunk or Treat this year due to COVID-19 requirements and restrictions. C. W. Carter, Jr., president of the South Central Fair, proposed the town use the fair grounds to, “set up a drive-through…We were also talking about maybe having some hay bales for a decorating contest.”

Tina Wood, head of the Chase City Chamber of Commerce, shared that both Clarksville and South Hill are moving forward with their respective Halloween traditions. She stated that Clarksville had not yet figured out what shape their “Trunk or Treat” tradition would take this year, but that South Hill would be doing something akin to musical chairs for their celebration.

The Council decided to move ahead with the celebration, tabling further discussion for a committee.

The Department of Historic Resources Grant Authority has recently brought up the possibility of a name change for the R. E. Lee Building in Chase City. Town Manager Dusty Forbes stated that the Grant Authority had not explicitly told the town to change the name of the building, but he suggested it would be best for the town to consider a name change at the behest of an organization that puts over $100,000 of grant money towards Chase City.

Mayor Alden Fahringer added, “I think we will see this become an issue in the future if the Council decides not to do anything. We will see events possibly not coming to us…so we want to carefully consider what actions we take.” The “Earle Gregory Building” was a possibility that was brought to discussion, as well as renaming the building the “Chase City Performing Arts Center.”

The Town Council made the decision to move forward with the consideration of a name change; it was also proposed to conduct a survey regarding the possible name change at a later date to gauge the community’s feelings.

The Council was presented with a list of items that have been approved by Mecklenburg County for purchase using previously allocated CARES funding. The list provided included Personal Protective Equipment such as hand sanitizer, gloves and disposable masks for public works, fire, rescue squad and police departments. The listed items totaled $101611.86 in funding.

The Council also passed a change to the Town Code that disallows door-to-door peddlers within Town limits. This change stands to cut down on possible scams aimed to target Chase City residents.

A joint public hearing was held at the beginning of the Monday session regarding the change to mobile home units and allowances in the Town. There was no public comment given during the time allotted.