Chase City is declared its own 2nd Amendment Sanctuary

Chase City residents showed up in support of the Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution.

The Chase City town council monthly meeting was called to order by Mayor Eddie Bratton on Monday, February 10. All members of the council were present. The agenda consisted of a discussion regarding the second amendment sanctuary, a vote on two proposed amendments, committee reports, and a hearing of the resolution of the Endly Street Project.

The floor was opened for public comments first, during which citizen Robert Mead addressed the council asking why there was another meeting on the second amendment and why the council hadn’t made a decision. Mayor Bratton informed Mr. Mead that the discussion was a formality after so much interest was shown during last month’s meeting. Mr. Mead also brought up that a vehicle has been sitting and blocking Cemetery Road for over a month following an accident. Chief Jordan assured that the owner has been in touch with insurance and that the vehicle will be moved shortly.

Mayor Bratton recounted that the council has been asked to state its position in support of the second amendment. After discussion, the Council moved to accept this position supporting the second amendment. 

Next was an item of old business from last month; a motion was made at the January meeting to amend the Town Code on parking limitations of commercial vehicles. A vote was passed to change the wording of Town Code Section 8-2-11 to cover commercial vehicles and include buses. The Council brought up a request to modify Section 6-3-20 of the Town Code and add a definition for “bed-and-breakfast” to the zoning categories. The motion was carried and will be voted on at the next meeting. The Endly Street Phase 2 Project items were then put to a vote. The town has been awarded a Community Improvement Grant for the project and guidelines for the Oversight Board were introduced and approved. 

Chief Jordan was on hand to inform the attendees that there will be a Community Watch meeting about church safety held Tuesday, February 18 in the fire department meeting room at 7 p.m. The sheriff encourages any citizens, and especially members of church to attend the meeting.  

Mayor Bratton then informed the Council and attendees about a meeting hosted by Longroad Energy that will take place the following evening, February 11, in the Estes Center at 5:45 p.m. The meeting will be to discuss information regarding the solar project that is in the works.

Dusty Forbes reported that he has gotten in touch with several property owners on Sycamore Street, Boyd Street, and Grove Avenue about their plans for clean up. Bids have been sent out for demolition on three properties on the blighted properties list, and the fire department recently burned down a blighted property owned by Pat Ryan. A purchase has also been made by the town on the property at the Pavilion, where events will be able to be held in downtown Chase City. Mr. Forbes is also waiting for an assessment on the Robert E. Lee Building so further progress can be made.